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   Chapter 529 Yan Needed Zen's Protection

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After Zen returned to Cloud Sect, he continued cultivating without interruptions.

There was only a half month left before the start of Cloud Road. If Zen had not visited the Luo Clan, he would have focused entirely on cultivation.

Meanwhile, both Rocher Hua and Patrick Pei had been absorbed in their cultivation.

Rocher had stayed in the Seven Star Sword Light Platform and didn't leave even for a second. There, he could not only add greater flexibility to his sword, but he could reinforce his strength as well.

Patrick didn't visit any practicing locations. His Buddhism cultivation method could not be improved by visiting any training places. His skills could only be enhanced through meditation.

Zen's sister, Yan, didn't go back to Hell Mountain

as there was only a half month left before Zen had to go to Cloud Road. Since Yan rarely got the opportunity to spend time with her brother, every moment was precious to her.

Usually, Yan watched as Zen practiced. She gazed at her brother as he exerted himself during his refinement. What she wanted was simple—to be around her brother. She didn't have much more to ask for.

However, It seemed to be unfortunate for Yan—such a tiny wish of her was still hard to come true as she would have to say goodbye to her brother soon. Sometimes, Yan thought it would have been better if she and her brother had been born in an ordinary family. In that case, they would have been ordinary people and they could spend their lives peacefully. There wouldn't be so many difficulties and disasters in their lives, and they wouldn't have to work so hard to pursue something.

Once a person decided to become a cultivator, hardships were part of their destiny. Not only would they obtain a lot, but they would also lose a lot.

Today, Zen had chosen to refine while sitting at the top of the mountain in Drizzle Peak. He was trying to use his life vitality to get past the bottleneck of grade four of the nature level.

As a matter of fact, Zen had accumulated enough strength to break through on his own. He could simplify the process by consuming some pills as well. However, Zen's foundation and basic strength would suffer if he chose to use pills. Furthermore, taking help now would make it more difficult for him to break through a higher level in the future.

Each time Zen improved, it had happened naturally. Each time his life vitality reached its limit, Zen would achieve a breakthrough. Since he had never taken external help when refining, it meant that his foundation was extraordinarily solid.

Just as Yan was watching Zen, a windstorm began.

Thick clouds, like bales of cotton, were pulled closer as though grasped by an invisible hand.

Yan's hair fluttered in the breeze. As the wind picked up speed, Yan's hair flew around her in a tangled mess. Zen also sensed the threat and frowned.

The clouds in the sky thundered as they crashed into each other. Soon, they took the form of a human face!


ng that!

But Yan didn't feel the same way as the other disciples.

Once the huge face stopped speaking, Yan rushed to her brother and hid in his arms. Her slim body trembled from fear.

The entire time that she was imprisoned at Hell Mountain, Yan knew what awaited her in the future. But she didn't fear it as much then as she thought she could choose to die. If she was forced to do what she was unwilling to, she could find an opportunity to end her life. At least her body would be untouched by a man she didn't like.

At that time, Yan was desperate. There was no hope in her life, and of course, she was not afraid of anything.

But now Yan had found hope through her brother.

Once she had found hope, she looked forward to extending it and dreamed that it would come true. At the same time, she feared that she would lose all her hope.

This fear is what made Yan tremble.

Zen held his sister and tried to calm her. He felt as though his sister was like a poor baby deer with great fear in her heart.

"Yan, please try to relax. I am always here." Zen looked at the huge face while he reassured his sister. He now had a better idea of the obstacles he would face in his path.

He knew he would have to conquer these by himself! That meant he needed to kill this man!

Kenneth seemed to be whispering something to the huge face again. Shortly after, the huge face replied, "Okay! Good. If I don't see Yan Luo in a month, Cloud Sect will no longer exist in the world! You can try if you don't believe me! Haha!" After he finished, the large eyes of the face in the clouds turned toward Drizzle Peak.

Zen stiffened. Apparently, he could feel the glare of the huge face. Zen didn't try to hide. His eyes glistened with determination as he stared back at the huge face.

"Oh?" The man found Zen's reaction to be unusual. But he didn't say anything. Instead, after flashing a cold smile, the huge face disappeared from the sky as if it had never been there.

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