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   Chapter 528 A Huge Face

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Once Kenneth descended from the sky, others who were floating in the air also slowly landed. All the elders from Cloud Sect were present, including Elder Xu, who rarely made a public appearance.

Elder Xu was highly skilled at using cultivation methods related to life. When he landed, he walked up to Zen and advised him, "Stop resisting."

Heeding the advice, Zen felt the slow infusion of green life vitality into his mind.


Ordinarily, being pressed down by two Internal Elixir Realm warriors could cause severe damage to one's soul. So, it surprised Elder Xu to find out this was not the case with Zen. His soul sustained no serious injuries but was slightly weaker. And this would only take a day or two for the warrior to restore himself.

Having witnessed Zen's performance, Elder Xu was aware that his soul was stronger than that of ordinary martial artists, yet he was still surprised. 'Those two are so strong that I dare not despise them. I didn't expect this boy to make it through. So, it is quite impressive.'

"Master Shi!"

Recognition had him standing up quickly and Conn bowed to Kenneth.

Meanwhile, Ray, who was on the other side, also carefully bowed to Kenneth.

Even the emperor had to bow when he saw the leader of Cloud Sect, not to mention the two princes.

When others saw Kenneth, regarded as the strongest man in the Eastern Region, they were shocked.

To everyone's surprise, Kenneth didn't even bother to look at Conn or Ray and ignored them completely. Instead, he walked over to Zen, patted him on the shoulder, and smiled. "How ambitious you are! That's my boy. You want to wipe out this country?

That's great! I'm in!" he laughed.

When he heard Kenneth's words, Ray felt that his heart was in his throat, and became extremely nervous.

Meanwhile, Conn forced a smile, which was worse than a cry.

If Kenneth wanted to wipe out the Burning Sky Empire, he could.

When Kane was still alive, the emperor of the Burning Sky Empire was more powerful than Kenneth. Over the years, the empire grew in prosperity and strength because of him.

But now, Kane was missing. Who could match and compete with Kenneth in the Burning Sky Empire?

Eunuchs flanked Conn. One of them was a master at the primary level of Internal Elixir Realm and Conn's strongest supporter. Although powerful, he was still no match for Kenneth.

There was Hendy, who assisted Ray, and had likewise reached the primary level of the Internal Elixir Realm.

However, even if Hendy teamed up with the chief eunuch, they didn't stand a chance of conquering Kenneth.

Other than Kenneth, there were vice leaders,

this was quite surprising.

The situation inside the palace had not changed, and Aura understood this. Her brother, the crown prince of Burning Sky Empire, was still unable to change his fate. However, with Kenneth's protection, there was a chance to change the situation.

Since Kenneth valued Zen very much, the young disciple could have the power to destroy the country in the future.

Talks about destroying the Burning Sky Empire was merely a threat. Even if Zen had the strength to wipe out the country, he would never do that. After all, martial artists at that level were not interested in being emperors at all.

The highest goal ordinary people aspired for was to be an emperor. Martial artists, however, had even loftier goals.

In the days when Kane held so much power, he barely cared about the state of affairs. It was the crown prince who handled everything in Burning Sky Empire. As emperor, Kane often accepted missions from Cloud Hall and ventured out to fulfill them. He was not so much an emperor as a martial artist.

In their return to Drizzle Peak, Aura and Zen received a warm welcome from the peak's disciples.

Drizzle Peak was completely different at this point. Numerous practicing realms and magic arrays were built to provide disciples with a better environment for improving themselves.

As the first among thirty-three peaks that was able to move from the last place to first, Drizzle Peak made history. And this remarkable change benefited all of Drizzle Peak's disciples. They thanked Zen for everything he had done, and Aura, for having brought Zen to Drizzle Peak.

However, their joy was shortlived. Something bizarre caused it to disappear.

One day, a huge face suddenly appeared in the sky of Cloud Sect.

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