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   Chapter 527 Powerful Internal Elixir Realm Warriors (Part Two)

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Aura stamped her foot in nervous anger. Just when she would have acted rashly, she felt Zen's arm seize hers. She looked over and saw Zen shaking his head, before giving her a calming tranquil glance, even though the pressure pushing in on him was so intense that he couldn't make a sound.

When Aura saw the look in his eyes, she was dumbfounded. She knew that he was silently telling her he would endure and not to worry.

Zen's soul was firmer and stronger than most fighters. All this time, Zen had defeated many fighters, not only warriors that were the same rank as him, but the ones who were above him, at the preliminary stages of Illuminating Soul Realm.

But strong as his soul was, it wasn't stronger than that of an Internal Elixir Realm warrior. When a fighter entered the Internal Elixir Realm, he was addressed as an expert and treated respectfully throughout the Eastern Region. The Internal Elixir Realm warriors were representative of the elite martial art warriors that the Eastern Region offered. And when they used their might against Zen, it was a stiff trial.


Under the immense pressure, Zen's soul began to shudder. Subconsciously, his voice vibrated in his throat. Still, he gazed at Aura with comforting warmth.

Aura could sense the agony he felt though, and looking in his eyes, she saw his pain deep in there. She knew Zen was close to the brink of destruction and failure. Zen was indeed the genius who took first place in the All Peaks Competition, and he did it even though he was at the nature level. Still, there were warriors at the Illuminating Soul Realm and also the Internal Elixir Realm above the nature creatures.

Next to them, Zen might as well have been an ant. He'd been proud of the intensity of his soul, but, it was no longer an a

e every obstacle on his own.

Zen might be gifted, intelligent, and blessed, but for him to be truly strong, he needed to be able to manage alone. Outside forces, after all, would be another's power, and Zen couldn't rely on others all the time.

Since there was a light-ray within the furnace that was capable of repairing any soul damage, instantly, the cyan dragon planned on waiting until Zen's soul had been disintegrated.

Unfortunately, Kenneth interrupted his plans when he suddenly appeared, saved Zen, and prevented Zen's soul from disintegrating.

Actually, Kenneth had been there, watching for some time too. He hadn't showed himself until a critical point came and Zen was about to fail.

Of course, Kenneth didn't know that the cyan dragon was in Zen and could have saved him at the last minute. So, to ensure that Zen didn't end up mindless, he needed to step in and help. After all, Zen was the most significant disciple participating in the Cloud Road Test. Therefore, Kenneth needed to prevent any accidents from befalling him, especially any that would damage his soul and leave him an idiot forever.

This was why he had shown up, and forced the two attackers to retreat.

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