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   Chapter 526 Powerful Internal Elixir Realm Warriors (Part One)

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Neither Ray nor Conn expected it, and they were astonished!

Then the two of them laughed loudly as if they'd just heard a hilarious joke.

Echoing their laughter, the entourage standing behind the princes laughed heartily as well.

Behind Ray, the guests guffawed, laughing so hard that some were doubled over, clutching their bellies.

Zen's threat was the funniest joke they'd ever heard.

"Did I hear him right? Did he say that he would destroy our country? My word, this boy isn't in his right mind."

"The empire has survived many threats, and is still standing. It's strong, and will stand forever. How dare he threaten us? Has he lost his mind completely!?"

"I thought I had confidence! This man takes the cake! Ha-ha! He has so much bluster that his wind could cause a tornado!"

Even the usually serious, taciturn chief eunuch smiled, as did Hendy.

Zen was indeed a genius from the Cloud Sect, the type of genius that came once a millennium.

But, as with any title, genius, denoted potential, and not necessarily what he had already achieved.

Many geniuses were born into the world every year, but, few endured long enough to mature into seasoned warriors because it was the age of survival of the fittest!

A few worked to make their way up towards the top, whereas the rest blended into the crowd, or worse yet, became nothing more than a heap of bones on the ground. The world might be full of opportunities, but it also demanded precise moves. One wrong step could mean doom, on any given day. A genius would be wise to maintain a low profile if he wanted to survive. As a fledgling, which Zen was, he'd made a grave mistake.

Because the Burning Sky Empire was like a huge monster. It was the largest, and strongest empire in the Eastern Region, making this a superpower to be reckone

his soul, while it tortured his physical form.

Having a body forged and enhanced like an indestructible fortress meant it was easier for Zen to deal with bodily harm. And while he could virtually ignore the corporeality pressure exerted on him, the real difficulty was the weight pushing against him mentally.

"Zen!" Aura called out in an anxiety-ridden voice. Even if the two masters promised not to hurt Zen physically, they could decimate him mentally, which would cause more damage than any physical attack, and yet, wouldn't be violating the rules.

She was worried, but, she couldn't do anything about it.

What could she do though? When Zen was faced with Vale, she used her title as a deterrence.

When Zen was attacked by the saints, she helped him out again, by utilizing her position and power to resolve the dilemma.

Now though, there wasn't any way for her to help him!

Her current situation was complicated. She wasn't able to fend for herself because her brothers looked down on her while her title and position were nothing special to them. How could she deter her brothers and their escorts to help Zen?

Her eyes grew large, brimming with anxiety, but she was helpless.

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