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   Chapter 524 Smashing Through The Walls (Part Two)

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Holding Aura's hand, Zen raced away rapidly. Aura could feel a mighty force drag her forward. She didn't need to take any steps to follow him, since that mighty, invisible force was pushing her and she felt like she was riding on a cloud.

After running for a while, a vermilion wall appeared in their path and blocked the way. All the walls in the palace were painted in vermilion and were one meter thick. However, Zen didn't stop. When he finally approached the wall and got close enough to it, he simply bumped into it without any hesitation at all. As a result, the wall cracked open and a big hole appeared in it.

Zen grew more and more uneasy, looking like a caged beast. He had brought his strength and speed into full play. While Aura, who was standing behind him, cracked into a smile.

She had been caught in the Shine Palace for quite a period of time and today, she felt very pleased to see that Zen had grown so strong. She was blissfully happy. She looked as if she was intoxicated. She followed Zen silently as she watched his broad back. It almost seemed to her that she really didn't care whether they could get out of the Burning Sky Palace or not.

More importantly, Aura was clear that it was impossible for Zen to get out with her.

"Your Highness, let us go and stop this man."

The guests of the Feathery Star Hall volunteered to accompany the old man behind Zen.

Ray turned a deaf ear towards them. He was busy gazing firmly at Lily who was now fighting with Uncle Kyle.

Kyle was the old man Zen had been fighting. He was a trusted follower of Ray, and also an elder of the family.

As Lily initiated her sword dance, Kyle panicked. Now, with his spear broken into two by her sword, it was very difficult for him to deflect Lily's sword dance.

But after several rounds, Kyle finally took control with his life vitality. He became more valiant in the fight. Gusts of winds came from his palms and streams of life vitality escaped from his body which helped him withstand the attacks of Lily's sword dance. He was finally successful in forcing Lily to retrea

n the garden was quite a feast to the eyes, with several birds singing in the air, flowers casting forth their fragrance, and trees throwing a pleasant shade on the ground. They felt as though they had entered a fairyland.

Under a willow tree sat a young man wearing a purple hat. In front of him was a string plucked instrument. He was plucking those strings gently with his slender fingers and a sad melody engulfed the air.

Looking at the young man, Zen suddenly stopped. It was not that he was afraid of the young man. He could sense that the young man's strength was at the initial level of Illuminating Soul Realm at best. And Zen would certainly not take him seriously.

It was the three people who were standing beside the young man that made Zen hesitate. Those men were clad with kohempcloth archer uniform. And they were wearing a black belt connected by white jade on their waists.

Zen could not figure out the real strength of these three men. He could only sense from the aura they were emitting that the strength of the two men standing on the side were relatively weaker. And the man who was standing in the middle was even stronger than Elder Xu, and among the masters Zen had seen, he might be only lesser to Kenneth.

"I said it was okay, because I knew you would not be able to get me out of the Burning Sky Palace..." Aura replied sweetly with a gentle smile.

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