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   Chapter 523 Smashing Through The Walls (Part One)

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Seeing that Zen's sword was coming at him with such mighty force, the old man felt a tinge of surprise.

In fact, even if it had been some other master in his place, with greater powers at his disposal, he would also find Zen's unfathomable, ingenious and seemingly basic movements of swordsmanship strange.

This wasn't so because Zen's abilities and moves were unbreakable. Even tactically the most sound of his moves would fail to make up for the enormous and undeniable strength gap that lay between the two.

As Zen flicked the sword at him, the old man turned around with his short yet powerful stature to dodge the incoming attack. At the same time, he did something mentally and a short spear popped out of nowhere, lunging straight at Zen's Streamer Sword.


The pointed head of the spear collided with Zen's streamer Sword and let out a crisp tinkling sound. Though neither of the two weapons stopped in their paths, the spear slightly sank down. The old man seemed surprised. Obviously, he hadn't expected that Zen's long sword could contain such mighty force. His face darkened a little and he sneered as he injected a bit of grey-colored life vitality into his short spear. Now, he decided to beat back Zen's sword by relying on his life vitality.

Zen backed a few steps when faced with that force. Then, without taking a breath, he lunged at the old man with his sword once more.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes, four strikes…

Every move that Zen made was impeccable and his performance of basic swordsmanship was, perhaps, second to none. Unfortunately, such basic moves were of no use and his attacks were constantly deflected by the old man's life vitality.

Zen's face was clouded. His level in the martial arts really was very low.

Even though he excelled at swordsmanship, which had given him the confidence and the ability to win over the aged man's short spear, in this fight, his opponent didn't seem fazed about his talent in this ar

iry weapon. It was considered highly difficult to obtain such weapons. However, Lily was no ordinary person.

And what she held in her hands was a middle-level fairy weapon. Moreover, the cultivation technique Lily was utilizing in her attacks was a kind of malicious aura. It was, to use the common phrase, super-powerful.

As soon as the sharp blade of the Blood Drinking Sword touched the wooden hilt of the short spear, there was a flash of red light and the low-level fairy weapon directly broke into two parts.

The old man reacted quickly. At the very moment his short spear was broken, he immediately retreated a few steps back. But he was too slow compared to Lily, and the Blood Drinking sword still stabbed into his chest and drops of blood came out from the wound. The old man crazily fled backward, and Lily ran behind him in hot pursuit. She followed closely behind at a brisk, powerful pace, her pretty figure dancing every step of the way. She was determined to catch him and kill him.

"Let's go!"

Lily's dancing steps and movements seemed delicate but her swordsmanship was very powerful. However, even she was not a match for the old man. She had just happened to pop out and catch him off guard. After the latter had come back to his senses, Lily might not be able to withstand his attacks.

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