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   Chapter 522 The First Place (Part Two)

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Regretfully, she had been put under house arrest inside the Shine Hall and couldn't receive any news of the outside world. As a result, she could only guess and infer in her mind whenever she thought about how well Zen would be able to perform in the All Peaks Competition.

But upon hearing her question, Zen had immediately replied to her that he had won the first place. Although he had responded in a low voice, Aura felt as if a streak of lightning had flashed across her brain and hit her. It was evident how sensational that piece of news was for her.

Aura was sure that it was impossible for Zen to lie to her, but the news was really unbelievable, since she hadn't seen the announcement made by the Cloud Sect, and hadn't personally looked at the list of rankings released by the Cloud Sect or witnessed the fight.

Zen's strengths seemed to have been improved and reached the third grade of nature level. Aura could easily detect all these improvements and changes in Zen. But what if Zen had reached the third grade of nature level? How could he have battled with the top disciples of all thirty three peaks? How could he have fought and won the disciples who had directly learned skills from elders and saints?

In spite of her great doubt, Aura could do nothing but believe in the news. Only when she believed could she understand why Ray had put forward such a condition to set her free.

Thinking from Ray's standpoint, Aura confirmed that she would surely make the same choice as Ray had if Zen had really won the first place among all disciples of Cloud Sect.

In fact, Zen's words had been proven true by what Ray had stated.

When she had been feeling rather bored in the Shine Hall, Aura had calculated that perhaps Zen would have been able to c

mly gazed at him, Zen felt beads of sweat transpiring on his back.

It had been a long period of time since he felt such a strong sense of oppression last time.

"Ray, do you dare to try and kill me?" Zen asked coldly.

Ray shook his head very calmly and responded, "To be honest, I do not. Now, you are ranked Number One in Cloud Sect. How would I be able to explain it to Kenneth if I kill you?"

"Since you dare not, then why do you... try to stop me today?" As Zen was saying that, he turned back and moved forward with a flick of his sword. Immediately, the energy of the Phoenix Crystal on his right arm fully emancipated by itself. In the meantime, all dragon scales inside his body lit up, as he had almost exerted all his strengths!

Evan hadn't stepped into the ultimate level of the Illuminating Soul Realm yet, but Zen had been only capable of battling him in terms of sword play. Although this old man's gift and even his foundation were not as awesome as Evan's, he was not weak. Zen significantly lagged behind this old man in terms of cultivation levels.

To confront with such a strong master, Zen had no choice but to adopt his mightiest tactic.

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