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   Chapter 521 The First Place (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5480

Updated: 2019-06-21 00:24

Aura found Zen's response strange and wondered why Zen looked a little uneasy. She had misunderstood Zen. It was a mistake on her part to take it for granted that Zen had thrown himself into Ray's lap.

"But I heard that you had been placed under house arrest. I came here to free you today!" Zen finally recovered and declared in a firm tone, with his gaze fixated on Aura.

He was confused as to why Aura was so cold and unkind to him. But right now, thinking of his purpose for coming here, he decided that he had to make every possible effort to achieve his end. Even though Aura was reluctant, Zen wasn't going to rashly change his mind. This was just who Zen was.

"Free me from house arrest?" Aura questioned back in a daze. Very soon, she added, "Will you be able to do so?"

In Aura's opinion, it was improbable that Ray was going to put Zen in an important position even if Zen had decided to stand by Ray's side and become his subordinate. After all, too many talented and capable people served Ray, so Zen was not indispensable for the prince, especially since he was only a nature creature.

"How would I know if I don't try!" Zen smiled.

Upon hearing Zen's calm and sure reply, Ray chuckled all of a sudden, strolling over to him. He told him, "Zen, it is not impossible for you to take Aura away!"

'It is not impossible?' mumbled Aura. She was shocked by the prince's words. She was even doubting her ears right now.

In political conflicts of a royal family, attention was particularly paid to ruthless attack against opponents. Aura couldn't believe it at all that Ray was going to let go of her so easi

in the top 50?' No, wait! That was not enough for Ray to pay so much attention to Zen. If Zen had been put in the list of top 20, there was a small likelihood that Ray would speak highly of Zen's tactics, but it was still impossible for Ray to let Aura go just because of that rank. Did Zen win one of the top ten places? Or top five? Or top three? Aura's guesses kept on inching closer, even though

she herself felt that her guesses were rather ridiculous. Since all her guesses were absurd, she had no choice but to ask Zen.

However, contrary to all of her expectations, Zen touched his head and responded gently, "Master Su, I won the first place!"

"The first place..."

Aura's voice faltered before she could finish her sentence. Perhaps she was the last one to have come to know about this and also the one that was the most shocked to hear the news.

After all, she had always been the one to show the greatest concerns for Zen. In addition, she had been placing the greatest hope on Zen for getting good results. And even if she hadn't been, she was Zen's master.

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