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   Chapter 520 Misunderstanding

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Ever since Zen Luo had entered the Feathery Star Hall, his focus hadn't been on himself or on anyone or anything in the great hall itself. His only reason for staying and waiting was to wait for Aura Su.

Ray already knew about the relationship between Zen and Aura. He had a vast network of informants at his command. Aura had been Zen's master when she was at the Drizzle Peak.

However, there was something Ray didn't understand. If they only called each other master and disciple, why did Zen care about Aura so much?

In any case, it wasn't important for Ray to know why Zen cared about her. The fact that Zen cared about Aura a lot was enough for him.

Zen turned a deaf ear to the conversations of everyone else inside the Feathery Star Hall. He seemed bored and after a while, he asked Ray directly, "Your Highness, it has been a long while. Why isn't the Sky Princess here yet? Have you been teasing me from the very beginning?"

"Please relax. The Sky Princess will be here any time." A smile appeared on Ray's face again. He seemed to be in a mood to keep Zen there as long as possible.



The ambience in the Shine Hall was soft and there was a slight radiance in it.

It had been quite busy in the past but right now, it was desolate and quiet.

Only a very few necessary servants still stayed in the hall. Others were not even allowed to get close to it.

Being under house arrest was not a very pleasant thing. Aura was bored and had started to learn embroidery skills from an aged servant.

Right now also, to while away the time, her deft fingers were holding a silver needle and guiding a colorful string through a piece of white satin. Being pretty smart, Aura had found it easy to learn.

Delicate patterns were appearing on the satin gradually. They were neat, flexible and well-colored. Her skills had become much better than the aged servant herself now.

But right now she was merely staring at the pattern and keeping still. She felt depressed that she could do nothing under this house arrest.

'Did the All Peak Competition end?

What performance could Zen Luo achieve?

Among the top one hundred?' Aura talked to herself inwardly, To be honest, in Aura's eyes, if Zen was able to be among the top 100, she would have felt greatly satisfied. Thinking about this, Aura's smart eyes turned crescent. If Zen really managed to succeed in this endeavor, the Drizzle Peak's rank would go much higher this time.

She chose Zen from thousands of disciples. Aura really did seem to have a talent of spotting the occasional grain of wheat among large piles of chaff. And her loyalty lay to the Drizzle Peak, so much so that being a master there was better than staying here.

If she had not left the Drizzle Peak, she would not have been involved in the political struggles of the Imperial Capital.

But somehow, she could not remain unaffected due to her brother. The crown prince was her brother.

It was

e arrest for such a long time that she had become over sensitive now. She felt that she had been betrayed and wanted to cry when she saw Zen standing beside Ray.

It seemed that she had found out an elite and cultivated him with great efforts, but the elite was now standing on the other side of the game. She felt bad even though it had not been wise of her to have put so much hope on this young man. Zen could not have changed the overall situation by himself at all.

"Master Su!" Zen caught her in his glance and became excited. Of course Zen didn't know Aura had several negative thoughts going on in her mind right now. Zen was simply happy to see her safe.

To him, Aura was not his master, but an elder sister. She had helped him a lot every time he had faced difficult situations. He had survived them with her help and belief. That was one of the important reasons why Zen had come to the Burning Sky Palace as soon as he had come back to the Imperial Capital.

He must pay back the kindness of Aura.

However, there seemed to be a cold frost in Aura's eyes. She replied coldly to Zen, "Yes? Do you have anything to talk to me?"

'Since you have chosen to be on Ray's side, I don't suppose I am as important as I was before. So why did you want to see me? Do you want to show off the relationship between you and Ray?' Aura thought angrily.

"Are... are you all right?" Seeing Aura's cold reaction, Zen was stunned and didn't know what to say.

Aura smiled coldly and replied in a chilly tone, "Fine, I am always fine. I grew up in the Burning Sky Palace and this is my home. Why wouldn't I be fine?"

Zen was puzzled. Looking at the cold expression Aura was touting, he tried to find out the reason why she was acting that way. But no matter how hard he looked, he could not know what was wrong with Aura. Why did she have such a cold attitude? Was she really fine under house arrest?

"But..." Zen was totally lost and did not know what to say.

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