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   Chapter 519 The Right Price For Loyalty

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Pointing to the three enchanting exotic girls, Ray smiled and told Zen, "They are the Yen people from the Western Region. They are still virgins. And you must have known that the virginity of Yen woman contains vigorous blood energy. If you cultivate with them, you can take their virginity and gain their blood energy at the same time."

The blood energy had great benefits to the cultivators.

If a person was energetic and vigorous, he could quickly recover from any injuries. So, if a cultivator had vigorous blood energy, their wounds could heal at an incredible pace.

But the common way to enhance one's blood energy was through endless exercises, and it would take some time. In fact, it was as challenging as exercising the strength of soul.

The pills that could enhance the blood energy were sold at sky-high prices just like those that could strengthen the soul.

And the three girls of Yen nationality in front had such precious blood energy.

It was indeed a double benefit for a cultivator to enhance his blood energy by cultivating with enchanting beautiful women in bed. It was a temptation that almost no man could resist.

The three Yen girls had the hottest bodies that all man would crave for.

Zen looked away from the girls and was about to speak when Ray walked to a brocade box and opened carelessly. Inside that box, there were three light-red crystals emitting thick life vitality.

The life vitality of the crystals was unrefined and had to be absorbed into human bodies to replenish their life vitality.

"The supreme life vitality crystal is the currency of the Central Region. It can replenish a cultivator's life vitality in an instant. At the current exchange rate, the value of a supreme crystal is equivalent to one million cubic crystals of the Eastern Region," Ray stated. The expression on his face was as if saying that those three supreme crystals were not the best. He was trying to hype Zen with the next boxes as if there were more valuable things in them than the supreme life vitality crystals.

The currency used in the Eastern Region was cubic crystal. The cubic crystals could buy fancy things like flying chariots and the Picture Slabs. But the energy in the cubic crystal could not be directly absorbed by the cultivators.

The cultivators of the Eastern Region could only acquire life vitality from their cultivation activities, but it would take time. If at a critical moment there was a shortage of life vitality, it would be difficult to replenish it in a short time.

But life vitality crystals such as the supreme crystal could solve this problem. It contained the purest and ownerless life vitality that required no refining and could be easily absorbed into the cultivator's body.

As mentioned before, a cultivator's life vitality didn't come from his body. It was the energy of nature. The cultivator could only borrow this energy for his own use, and ultimately, had to give it back to nature. On the other hand, Zen's demonic phantom had achieved that state where he cou

le Peak. As to the future emperor of the Burning Sky Empire, whether it was Crown Prince, Third Prince, or Seventh Prince, Zen didn't care at all.

After being rejected mercilessly by Zen, Ray's smiling face stiffened. He didn't say a word for a while.

Seeing the dismay in the prince's face, some of the guests couldn't control themselves and shouted abuse at Zen.

In their opinion, Ray favored him so much, but Zen was being too arrogant. Each of the boxes contained a precious gift and there could be more in the other boxes. Even the top seven noble clans could hardly receive such high rewards from the royal family.

"Zen, are you really this stubborn? Can't you be just grateful at the Highness' kindness? His Highness appreciates you so much, but you keep on refusing him. Who do you think you are?" "Even if you are talented, you can only compete with a cultivator at the beginning of the Illuminating Soul Realm. Any master at the high grade of Illuminating Soul Realm can easily defeat you."

"There are many masters working for His Highness. In comparison, you're nothing but a bum."

"Are you challenging His Highness, lad? Or you're just playing hard to get? But let me tell you, don't be too greedy. Greed often ends badly!"

The guests scolded Zen one after another.

Ray waved his hands to hushed them. His face looked quite complicated.

He realized that Zen's attitude was resolute and he had misjudged Zen's character. He thought that there was no deal in the world that could not be done with some high-priced gifts. He felt that he was inexperienced in reading people's mind.

Despite being rejected, Ray admired Zen's talent and didn't want to give up.

He puzzled himself over the matter of what Zen really cared about.

Soon, his eyes brightened with joy and his face lit up into a smile again.

He had tried to attract Zen with wealth and status that he completely forgot what Zen really wanted–his half-sister, Aura. He thought that he finally found the right price for Zen's loyalty.

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