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   Chapter 518 A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

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Perry's left eye would normally see two colors once he scanned a person's body: black and white.

The black part would indicate a person's weakness.

Everybody had their own weaknesses. Even the most unusual defensive cultivation method also had Achilles' heel. If the attack was focused on one's Achilles' heel, one would surely be in critical condition.

But Perry's eye could only see white all over Zen's body. There was no hint of black part at all.


The same thing had happened before. Perry could see the weakness of the opponent through his dicoria, but it wasn't the case all the time. If the opponent was too powerful like the masters at the top of the Illuminating Soul Realm or a high-rank defensive weapon, he wouldn't be able to see through.

But Zen was just at grade 3 of the nature level. So why couldn't Perry see through him? Could it be that Zen didn't have any weakness? Or because of his current cultivation level, he couldn't find Zen's weak point?

Perry was having a hard time analyzing the situation.

Perry's diplocoria was a powerful talent, unfortunately, he didn't have a high-level cultivating talent or a powerful soul. If his cultivation could reach the same level as Dick or Jill at Cloud Sect, with his diplocoria, he probably could advance at an equal pace with Rocher.

After he was accepted by Prince Ray, he cultivated himself with all kinds of panacea and managed with an effort to enter the Illuminating Soul Realm. But with a shaky foundation, the method to forcefully promote his cultivation made it hard for him to make progress to reach a higher level in the future, so he would probably stay at the Illuminating Soul Realm all his life.

But he mostly relied on his diplocoria talent, which was also the reason that he was valued by Prince Ray.

However, he couldn't see through his opponent today which he found weird and alarming at the same time.

What Perry didn't know was that after Zen cultivated his body to a top-grade spiritual weapon, his weakness became too little. Perry could only see the weak point of a cultivator who was not on a higher level than the Illuminating Soul Realm, or the weapon which was under a low-grade spiritual weapon.

"Perry, what are you doing? Haven't you seen this guy's weakness clearly yet? If you see clearly, just go and fight!" Someone shouted impatiently.

Most of the guests present at the banquet knew about Perry's ability. His diplocoria was quite capable and he could see through the opponent's weakness at first glance. Any cultivator would be at a disadvantage if his weaknesses were visible to his opponent. Everyone was convinced about his tal

ople were punched away by Zen. He kept throwing punches ruthlessly.

The first young man punched away by Zen had no injuries. But the succeeding opponents were beaten up so bad that they spit blood or had broken bones. Prince Ray gave them expensive pills for recovery, but they needed to rest for ten to fifteen days to fully recover.

In the end, nobody dared to challenge Zen, and none of Prince Ray's young subordinates could defeat Zen.

The old guys at the top of the Illuminating Soul Realm could defeat Zen, but they didn't want to lower themselves to "learn from" him.

After frightening Prince Ray's guests with his own method, Zen saluted again and expressed in a cold voice, "Prince, if I can't see Sky Princess, I have to leave and look for her by myself!"

However, Ray was still unhurried and seemed to see through Zen. He nodded, "Zen, I have something to show you. And after that, you can see her!"

Afterward, Ray clapped his hands.

In no time, a group of maids-in-waiting walked out from behind the palace with brocade boxes of different sizes in their hands.

The group of maids-in-waiting was followed by three foreign almost nude ladies. The three ladies had nothing on except two bright silver pads to cover their boobs and lower parts.

They looked different from the ladies in the Eastern Region–with sunken eyes, white skin, slender legs, and special styles. And because they were almost naked and walked with fascinating and mincing steps, they released a deadly charm to the male audience.

As they walked out, all the men focused their eyes on them. Some men could not resist the temptation as their eyes turned red and their mouths started to dry.

"Your Highness, what's the meaning of this?" Zen frowned and questioned.

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