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   Chapter 517 Two Pupils

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Doug's spiral attack only lasted for one second before Zen smashed it with one punch that ended the fight.

Their sparring in this kind of occasion didn't need to be brutal. The winner would be decided when he prevailed over his rival, and Zen was showing overwhelming superiority now.

Though he was defeated, Doug was sincerely convinced that Zen possessed great power. His eyes were filled with reverence as he stared at Zen.

Zen hadn't used any weapon or any life vitality during the fight, and he hadn't even moved a step from his original position. With that, Doug was convinced that Zen's real strength was unfathomable.

Despite his frustration, Doug felt a yearning for the Cloud Sect. He was a newcomer to the Illuminating Soul Realm, and he thought he could still join in the Cloud Sect if he became stronger.

But he didn't know that a talent like Zen was quite rare to see in the Cloud Sect.

In the competition from three years ago, the only talent who had attracted much attention was Evan. This year, Cloud Sect was fortunate enough to witness several talents in the All Peaks Competition.

Rocher, Patrick, and Zen were some of the talents from this year's All Peaks Competition.

"Please forgive me, Your Highness. I let you down. I was defeated in this challenge," Doug turned to Ray and said respectfully with cupped hands.

Ray nodded and said, "Don't mind it, Doug. A talent like Zen is rare to see even in a thousand years, so it's not a shame to be defeated by him."

'In a thousand years? Is it just an exaggeration?' many people thought to themselves, doubtful about Ray's words. After all, there were millions of people who could be born into the Eastern Region in one thousand years and it was not possible that only one of them could be this gifted.

Although Zen had defeated Doug quite easily, there were still many cultivators at Ray's disposal who were much stronger than Doug that felt ill-affected.

"Your Highness, please allow me to fight with him!" a man called Perry Song stood up and offered to fight Zen after Doug returned to his seat. This was a strapping, intimidating man who looked like a vicious bandit with a black patch over his left eye. Zen couldn't tell whether it was just an ornament or was to cover a blind eye.

"Do as you wish," Ray nodded in approval. He then looked at Zen.

As far as Ray was concerned, everything in this world had a price and could be bought.

He was aware that Zen showed antipathy towards him and wasn't willing to join his camp.

Nonetheless, he believed that Zen would change his mind if he could provide the latter with enough benefits. Zen was undoubtedly a great talent, yet he still needed many resources to strengthen himself before he became powerful enough.

The Cloud Sect might do its utmost to satisfy Zen's needs, yet a refiner would always try to get as many resources as possible. And Ray planned to use this fact to draw Zen over to his side.

Ray had taken part in

overing his left eye.

It was the first time that Perry would take off his patch in front of other people, the followers of Ray. Most people had thought that it was a blind eye, so they never asked about it to avoid irritating Perry. However, to their surprise, Perry's left eye was in good health. There was only one odd thing about it.

"Two pupils!" some called out in astonishment.

There were two pupils in Perry's left eye, and it looked weird.

It was also the first time for Zen to see a man with two pupils in one eye. Two pupils–where one pupil appeared larger than the other.

It was said that a man with two pupils in one eye could see through his enemies and find out their weaknesses.

But it was hard to say whether the rumor was real or not because people with two pupils in one eye was rarely seen by others. But since Perry showed his eye in this circumstance, it must have some special functions.

Zen held his sword tightly in his hand but remained extremely calm. He didn't think it as a bad thing if Perry could really find out his weakness because it would help him know better about himself.

Perry's left eye narrowed a bit before radiating a ray of faint light which shot towards Zen and covered the latter's body.

It was true that Perry's two pupils could help him find out his enemies' weaknesses. The only downside of this function was that it would cause a severe headache for many days after he used it. That was because it required a powerful soul while Perry had no means of strengthening his soul.

For that troublesome reason, Perry never used it under normal circumstances.

But today was different because he didn't want to suffer from a dismal failure in front of Zen. He had lost his face because of Zen, and he wanted to earn his reputation back.

However, he didn't expect what he saw as he glanced through Zen's body with his left eye. He was totally stunned. 'What on earth has happened to this young man?' he wondered.

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