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   Chapter 516 Horizons And Sensibility

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Today, they got together at the prince's banquet to promote their relationship and the fight was to enliven the atmosphere. However, many of them were infuriated, because they thought Zen was too arrogant and rampant. Seeing that Doug Zhuo made his move to fight Zen, all others exclaimed loudly.

"Doug independently invented body tactics of his own. He called his body tactics after his own name. Using these tactics, Doug can move and dodge elusively that his opponents can't track where he is. Just wait and see. He will enlighten Zen's horizon and Zen will know what martial arts achievements truly are!"

"It will be better if Zen bleeds. He will clearly realize that no subordinate of the third prince is weak!"

"I agree! I hope everything you say will happen. At the third grade of nature level, Zen will be unable to react against Doug's assault. Thus, his cultivations are not worth mentioning at all for Doug."

It was believed that Doug moved quite fast. In addition, he was as agile as a flying swallow. He could move from one place to another and it would be extremely difficult to anticipate where he was.

Zen didn't move and remained calm like a mountain, his eyes squinting and trying to find out where on earth Doug was.

Since his opponent fought him barehanded, Zen didn't use his sword either. He swung a fist at Doug immediately when he detected the infinite residual shadows left by Doug from his swift movements.

At this critical moment, Doug's wings suddenly trembled. He moved along an inconceivable trajectory, thus dodging away from Zen's attack. Soon enough, his sharp claws scratched Zen's right side.

"He got hit!"

The claws left three little marks on Zen's clothes.

"Well done! Doug's move is awesome and illusionary like shadows!"

"That guy can't counterattack against Doug at all. In the beginning, I was not sure how powerful he was. But is the Number One disciple of Cloud Sect that weak? How shameful!"

"Cloud Sect? The holy place for acquiring martial arts? This will be a big laughingstock! Doug didn't even give full play to his strengths!"

Amidst those people's scornful looks, someone stood out and spoke up for Zen. It was Gale Huo. Like Zen, Gale was also a disciple of Cloud Sect and ranked top on the Skywrath Peak. However, he was born into a poor family, so he had been drawn by the third prince to his side. Despite his extraordinary strengths, he considerably lacked resources for cultivation. It was the third prince who could offer him all these resources, so he chose to stand by this prince's side.

But since he could no longer withstand others' contempt for Zen, Gale, who had ever taken part in the All Peaks Competition, retorted while shaking his head, "As you have mentioned, Doug hasn't given full play to his strengths. Zen didn't either. Disciples of Cloud Sect are not as weak as you think. You can change my family name if Doug could defeat Zen!"

"Gale, how can you boost an outsider's morale? Is Zen really that strong?" someone said with great anger.

"I am not boosting his mor

ir reckless gloat and discussion, Doug's spiral finally swirled around for Zen's arm.

"Biff, biff, biff, biff..."

But to the bystanders' surprise, Zen's arm wasn't smashed by Doug's spiral.

Doug's claws stopped on Zen's arm and couldn't penetrate Zen's skin at all.

At the sight of this, the smile on all bystanders' faces vanished.

All guests of the banquet had the same thought with Doug – 'Is Zen really a monster?'

In general, one would be deemed physically strong if he had overbearing physical strengths. However, one's physical strengths were limited no matter how strong he or she was. After all, human bodies were only covered by a thin layer of skin, beneath which there was flesh. A beast's body, on the other hand, was covered by a thick and hard shell. Human bodies couldn't be that rigid.

It was not until today that they had realized that one's body could be so strong and rigid that it couldn't be hurt at all. Zen proved that for them when he stood there still even after withstanding a forceful attack.

This was no longer a mere fight but a taunt.

Only if one's strength was much greater than his opponent's could he taunt his opponent.

As they noticed the flat smile on Zen's face, many guests understood that Zen had never cared about their opinions because all their strengths meant nothing at all for Zen.

Meanwhile, Ray's eyes gleamed. From his current situation, he realized that Zen was really a rare talent. This made him more determined to rack his brain to recruit him.

At the very beginning, Ray didn't show much curiosity about Zen's strengths and all he cared about was the latter's reputation. In his opinion, if he could have Zen, the top disciple of Cloud Sect, knock-on effects would occur in that sect. Zen was just like a key for Ray to develop sound relationships with Cloud Sect.

But now, Ray realized that Zen was also like a sharp sword. Besides, Zen was only 17 years old. With his strength and everything he had achieved so far, he would have a bright future!

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