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   Chapter 515 Challenging Zen (Part Two)

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A slight frown formed in Zen's face, and he didn't immediately reply. Truthfully, he was feeling somewhat helpless.

How could he not see through Ray's tricks?

It was apparent that supporting a proposal for a competition was meant to test Zen's real strength. But he wasn't even there to attend the third Prince's banquet. He came to see Aura. Suddenly, for no reason, he was being asked to fight with someone. And the disciple was in no mood for something as dull as a competition.

Seeing Zen's silence, the man in white sneered and said coldly, "Are you afraid of competing with me, Zen?

Afraid of being defeated and losing face?

Anyone who comes as a guest of the third Prince is one with real skills, and if you lose, then you will have to get out of here!"

"That's right! It's not easy to be a guest of Your Highness!" one of the guests roared.

"The third Prince never treats guests who are losers!" another one spoke up excitedly.

It was hard not to sigh once Zen saw the excited and indignant stares of the guests who all looked at him as a competitor.

By now, the third Prince should have gained the support of several powerful clans, the most important of which were a few top noble clans, including guests attending the banquet today.

But the resources offered by the third Prince were bound to be limited. If Zen was involved, they were afraid that he would scramble for part of Ray's resources. As a result, these people regarded him as their common enemy.

And the third Prince allowed these people to provoke and challenge him to test his real strength, as well as to determine if Zen was worthy of being recruited as a member of his pool of talents.

"If Zen really doesn't want to participate in the competition, then let's just drop it. Since everyone has come to my Feathery Star Hall, all of you are regarded as a friend. Please don't ruin the harmonious relationship among you guys over a small matter,"

s world. So when I meet such people, I have to beat the hell out of them!" he said gruffly.


It was hard not to laugh as soon as Zen heard Doug's words.

Dressed in white, Doug looked gentle and elegant and was good-looking and talented, but his words were so crude. The immense contrast elicited an unexpected burst of laughter from the Cloud Sect's disciple.

"Hmmm... I hope you can still laugh aloud later!" Doug said in anger.

Using his hands, he started to spread out a little dark red life vitality. The life vitality kept growing through his fingers, and he eventually condensed, then transformed it into ten long claws. At the same time, two wings, which were also produced by condensed life vitality, appeared in Doug's back.

Seeing the changes in Doug's appearance, Zen raised his eyebrows slightly and thought quickly, 'Since Doug is a guest of the third Prince, he probably has some special skills. He was likely contemplating a kind of flying bird and then transformed his life vitality into claws and wings. So it must be his speed that's exceptional.'

As Zen stood to reflect on this, Doug's wings flapped, and he began to charge towards the Cloud Sect's disciple so fast that the only thing the audience could see was a string of shadows moving swiftly.

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