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   Chapter 513 Feathery Star Hall

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The sound of the bell ringing resonated through the beautiful dusk skies. However, the gates of the Burning Sky Palace remained open.

As a royal palace, its gates were normally closed at dusk. Anyone would be denied access to and from the palace until the next sunrise.

But in the past few days, the closing time of the palace gates was postponed to 9 o'clock in the evening.

It was said that the crowned prince was quite exasperated about it and even released an imperial order requiring the gates of the royal palace to be closed before dusk.

However, this crowned prince had apparently lost his power and could not make his people fulfill even his simple requests. He was like a tiger without its fangs. The gates of the palace would remain open until late hours. The members of the high society such as the heads of the noble clans and the military generals would access the palace gates freely as if they were in their own home.

A lot of people already learned that the crowned prince was on hot waters by observing the closing time of the palace gates. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the crowned prince would be deposed.

Now, the third prince and the seventh prince were eager to act. But since each was conscious about the other's strength, they had to be discreet which allowed the current crowned prince to keep his title for now. However, once a winner between the third prince and the seventh prince was determined, the ending of the crowned prince was inevitable.

Recently, the third prince frequently held feasts in his Feathery Star Hall, while the seventh prince hosted his in the Fiery Moon Mansion. They invited a wide range of guests to their places, trying to draw more people over to their side. And that was the reason why the gates of the Burning Sky Palace started to close at very late hours.

Zen did a rough investigation about the current situation of the Burning Sky Palace. Although there were a lot of issues remained unraveled, all Zen wanted at this critical moment was to see Aura. And as to who would be the emperor of the Burning Sky Empire, Zen could not care less.

He finally arrived at the palace gate. But before he could step on the other side, several imperial guards blocked his way.

"Stop right there! This is the imperial palace. We need to report your arrival before you can step in. Please state your name and the person you want to visit. Hand me your visiting card as well." An imperial guard asked Zen dryly.

Normally, no one would have the guts to go through the palace gates unless he was a representative of certain influential association. Therefore, that imperial guard was already being polite to Zen given that he had noticed that the latter was merely at the third grade of the nature level.

Zen greeted him with cupped fists and said, "I'm here to visit the Sky Princess! I don't have a visiting card, but here is my disciple card of Cloud Sect!"

"Zen Luo?" The imperial guard glanced at Zen's disciple card. Even though Cloud Sect was an A-list sect for le

as surprised to see Zen visit him on the latter's own accord.

'The third prince...'

Whenever the ordinary people encountered some royal member, they would instantly be on their hands and knees to pay their respect.

But practitioners of the martial arts did not have to stick to that rigid norms. It was noted that in the world of martial arts, only the strong were respected. So even though the emperor owned thousands of troops, he would not be given any different treatment. He could easily be beheaded by any strong warrior if his strength was weak.

Take Nile, the sixth prince, as an example. He also participated in the All Peaks Competition but was soon eliminated halfway through the contest. He did not get any preferential treatment because of his royal identity.

Sensing the over welcoming spirit Ray gave him, Zen knew that the third prince was dragging him into his league. But Zen had no intention to meddle with the political tussle in the Burning Sky Palace. He immediately clarified, "Your Highness, I did not come to the Burning Sky Palace for you. I'm here for the Sky Princess."

Hearing Zen's words, Ray's face slightly hardened.

Meanwhile, the crowd surrounding Ray began to shout, "It's such a great honor for you that our third prince invited you in! No one cares who you're here for!"

"I have never met such an arrogant brat before. His Highness already debased himself to greet you out here, but you refused to go in. Who do you think you are?"

Ray motioned those men to quiet down, and they instantly fell silent. Surprisingly, the smile on his face was broader. "Her Highness is resting in her Shine Hall. If you want to see her, I can bring her here to you."

Zen shot a few cold looks at the men behind Ray. Most of them were at the nature level, while three of them had just entered the Illuminating Soul Realm. Then, he replied to Ray straight-faced, "That'll be great. I'll wait here for Her Highness!"

After that, Zen followed the third prince into the Feathery Star Hall.

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