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   Chapter 512 Worried About Aura

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It was true that Zen's requirements were too much, but what could they do?

He had cut off Chuck's and Ford's hands easily just now, and the masters were powerless against him.

Not to mention that Zen asked them to return the properties three times, even if he asked for thirty times, they still had no other choices.

The masters felt ridiculous now. They had guessed how strong Zen was before and planned to fight him by organizing a group.

However, Zen broke in right in front of them and subdued all of them with his much stronger power.

At that moment, Chuck kept silent, even though Zen had killed his son. He was a wise man as he had put the Huang Clan at the front lines of C County, but he knew that they couldn't defeat Zen since he was too strong.

Although Chuck had more plots and strategies, they would only look foolish in a battle against Zen, a man with such huge strength. Zen had defeated the strongest of C County, so who else could stop him?

The room remained dead silent as all of them had no other choices and mentally felt so weak.

The property that took them great efforts to obtain should be returned intact to the Luo clan, and they were even asked to compensate three times its value. The masters found it so hard to accept, so they all kept quiet.

Meanwhile, Zen fiddled with the delicate teacup in his hand. The water slowly swirled inside as it was affected by Zen's aura, and none of them knew how he did it.

The masters felt the water wave around because of Zen's aura, no doubt.

The force Zen gave off gradually increased. It not only contained Zen's strong soul power, but also a bit of malicious aura.

The paper-thin window lattices couldn't bear the force and cracked little by little, the sound audible enough for all the people to hear.

The malicious aura grew even stronger. They all felt their throats run dry, and their breaths fell short. It was impossible for them to just calmly sit down.

"If you can't decide in ten seconds, I'll make it four times," Zen said slowly. The water in his teacup seemed to boil as the little drips continuously jumped up and down.

"I agree!

The Zhang Clan are willing to return the property of the Luo Clan! On top of that, we will also give you three times of it as compensation," the master of the Zhang Clan exclaimed. He was the first one who couldn't bear it anymore and gave in.

"We also consent and we will compensate!

We will return the mines and gambling business to the Luo Clan!" the master of the He clan said with gritted teeth. In truth, these masters couldn't tolerate it any longer, but they tried their best to not speak it out.

Now that one of them gave in, the rest felt disheartened and did the same as well.

In the end, Chuck also nodded his head and said, "Our Huang Clan also agrees to pay the loss of the Luo Clan."

"Okay. You've made the right choice," Zen said with a slight smile on his face. Then his eyes turned to Ford. Although Ford had said yes to him, he had other problems with Ford. "F

c, even.

As someone who had worked for the Luo Clan for dozens of years, he was really glad to see the changes in the Luo Clan happen. Besides, the new housekeeper had offered to give all the servants a salary raise. All of their salaries had been tripled!

So, why didn't he feel excited about it?

All of this was brought about by Zen.

The servant carefully swept the ground and made this area as clean as possible.

At that moment, a young man walked out of the gate with a girl after him.

The young man was handsome. He greeted the servant with a 'good morning, ' then the girl after him smiled and nodded at him. The girl was so pretty that it stunned the servant.

The servant realized that he forgot to greet them when they had disappeared at the corner of the street.

'The master of the Luo Clan has left in this way...' the servant thought with a last wistful glance.

C Country's problems had almost been solved. Even if Zen wasn't at home, the Luo Clan could develop well. The Luo Clan had become the top clan of C County, except that its members weren't the strongest.

The compensation the five clans gave was equal to sixty percent of C County.

Now, Zen didn't have much to do there and he had more business to do outside the county. That was more important to him.

Zen still remembered that Aura Su hadn't appeared until the end of the All Peaks Competition.

The public knew that the princes were vying for the throne of Burning Sky Empire. Except for the Cloud Sect that didn't bother to show their preference, the top seven noble clans and many other small ones had chosen the prince they supported, in hopes of getting great benefits after their chosen prince would ascend to the throne. The whole Imperial Capital had become quite tense.

Aura Su was Kane Su's first daughter. As the Sky Princess, she was destined to be involved in this battle.

The world of political struggle was cruel, so Zen was highly worried for the proud princess. Was the dignified and noble royal safe?

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