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   Chapter 511 Negotiation

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"He wants us to give the property back to the Luo Clan?

Keep dreaming!"

Chen Clan's master coldly scoffed at the idea.

If one clan possessed more property in C County where resources were now scarce, then the other clans wouldn't have enough. The situation drove all the clans to compete fiercely.

After murdering Mike with Zen's two uncles, Ford had managed to grab a lot of property from the Luo Clan. Since then, the Qi Clan had ranked second in C County, right next to the Huang Clan.

The Chen Clan, the He Clan and the Zhang Clan had gained much profit from Mike's death and now they were reluctant to give the benefits back to the Luo Clan. Because all the clans had many servants and guards to feed, if they gave back the property to the Luo Clan, they wouldn't be able to live as comfortably as they were accustomed to.

Although Ford originally intended to return the property to the Luo Clan, it was clear that even if he did so, Zen wouldn't let him go. It was high time for the clans to unite and fight against Zen. "Yes, since the Luo Clan was not powerful enough, it's only natural that we should take over its property!

It's impossible for Zen to take all these back by himself.

We should discuss how to go against him."

"Maybe it was just a stroke of luck that he defeated the Blood Prisoner. Since the Blood Prisoner was badly injured, he could barely keep up with the fight and he might have been ninety percent down. It's no surprise that Zen defeated him. Besides, Zen is just a nature creature. I don't think he is a match for us."

The master of the He Clan sounded certain.

Upon hearing his words, the others pondered for a moment.

While they had, indeed, been frightened by Zen's power, what the He Clan's master pointed out made them re-evaluate Zen's true competence.

After some arguments, they finally came to the conclusion that it was impossible for a practitioner at grade three of the nature level to defeat the Blood Prisoner at full power. Zen was only able to kill him because his opponent's power had declined severely because of his injuries.

"Hump! Since he's not as powerful as we thought, there's nothing to be afraid of. I'll kill that bastard!" with a trace of malice flashing in his eyes, Chuck proudly declared.

Among the clan masters present, he was the most powerful and in turn, he was more confident than the others.

"With Chuck leading us, we'll definitely kill that bastard!"

Ford readily agreed with the others.

"Yes, we must suppress the Luo Clan. Zen and Yan are already so powerful at such a young age. If we don't suppress them, they'll keep getting stronger. We might..." Before the He Clan's master could finish his words, a sudden chuckle came from outside the room.

Since the Crescent Building bel

ters in C County, lost both their right hands in a single round! If Zen hadn't shown mercy, the two would probably have lost their lives.

With this in mind, the other three clan masters felt very lucky to have been spared. If they joined the other two in the attack, they might have lost their hands as well.

Zen thrust his sword so incredibly fast that none of them clearly identified his sword method, leaving them at a loss for how to block his attack.

What they didn't realize, however, was that even if Zen thrust his sword slowly, they had no chance of winning, as his sword method was based on the principle of 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' Even Evan, the Number One disciple of Cloud Sect, couldn't break Zen's attack. How could the clan masters even dream of doing it?

"Chuck, I killed your son because he tried to kill a member of the Luo Clan when they were at the Martial Arts Hall of the Luo Clan! Darcy is your son, so he is important to you. Same thing, the member of the Luo Clan is important to us! I killed Darcy because he deserved it." Coldly staring at Chuck, Zen raised his voice.

At that moment, Chuck felt rather idiotic, like a joke, and he didn't dare try to resist Zen's words.

With more power, one can speak more proudly. Now, Chuck realized that although he had reached grade five of the nature level with no one in C County who dared challenge him, his achievements were nothing at all in Zen's eyes.

Putting three fingers up, Zen said, "Now you have to pay us back in triple. Listen to me. If you don't agree now, you'll have to pay back in quadruple!"

'Pay back three times as much? That would mean shelling out so much more than what we got from the Luo Clan. We'd have to give up part of our own property worth twice the value of the one we gained from the Luo Clan.

This is just too much!'

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