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   Chapter 510 The Guide To His Fate (Part Three)

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His eyes resting on her wide smile, Zen clenched his fists tighter and made himself a silent promise to protect his little sister till his dying breath. Even if one day he had to sacrifice himself for that, he would hardly hesitate. He would exhaust the last of his strength to give his sister Yan a safe, secure, and happy future. To Zen, she was the most important person, his invaluable treasure, the only family member he had left.

What Zen didn't know was that everything was destined under the law of the world. Whatever he might encounter, experience, and suffer was set in stone for him. It would undoubtedly be a journey of hardships, but Yan Luo would act as the guide to his fate, the light that paved way for him to march forward. This was Zen and Yan's destiny, but neither of them realized it at the moment.

Early morning next day, the elders of the Luo Clan followed behind Zen as he climbed the hill that was in the backyard of the Luo house. It was a blessed site.

This was the Luo Clan's cemetery. Several tombstones were dug into the ground. They loomed silently and solemnly on the hill. The ancestors of the Luo Clan slept soundly in this tranquil and dignified atmosphere.

Zen prayed piously to the fathers of Luo.

As the new leader of the Luo Clan, this was the first ritual that signified his venerable status.

Three bamboo incense sticks had been lit up by the servants. Zen held them in his hands and bowed three times in front of his father's tomb. Having finished the worship ritual, Zen left the graveyard, his expression becoming sterner. The intention to kill was clear in his eyes. Some of the people in C County must die for their sins!

Meanwhile, in a room located on the highest story of the Crescent Building in C County, five people sat around a table, discussing things of significance.

The five were the leaders of the current top five clans of the C County

bbed from the Luo Clan and give them back to Zen. Maybe they would even compensate some more with money, and they would be fine. Even Chuck could move on from the death of his son and refrain from avenging Darcy. He could swallow his resentment for Zen. But it wouldn't be the same for Ford. He had killed Zen's father, Mike Luo, personally! It was not even slightly similar to encroaching on the benefits of the Luo Clan. Once Zen learned the identity of his father's true murderer, he would not forgive Ford. Zen would kill him! Ford could already foresee his miserable ending. The chances of him remaining alive were slim, to say the least.

Now that Bryson had been executed, then his cowardly brother, Ken, must have already given Ford away. It was only a matter of time before Zen marched to Ford's place and took his life.

The Huang Clan, the He Clan, the Chen Clan, and the Zhang Clan had the choice of surrendering their wealth to oblige Zen and seek his forgiveness. Their heads could make grants to the Luos for the safety of their clans. But Ford Qi, he would have to surrender his life! All to quench Zen's burning fire of hatred and revenge! For the redemption for his sins, Ford would have to die in the hopes that Zen would at least spare the Qi clan.

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