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   Chapter 509 The Guide To His Fate (Part Two)

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Zen was already thinking of how to utilize the malicious aura in these blood-colored crystals. Since he had already accumulated some malicious aura and he would keep accumulating more and more malicious aura in the future, it would be best if he chose and learned a cultivation method that would help him make good use of it. But for now, he would have to resolve the leftover issues of the Luo Clan and clean up its disloyal troublemakers.

Zen turned to face the members of the Luo Clan, announcing loudly but solemnly, "Bryson Luo has now been executed. Ken Luo remains to be sentenced. Ken was the secondary conspirator in my father's death. He doesn't deserve a death sentence for his crime, so I leave you all to decide how to punish him. Tomorrow, I'd like to pay my respects to Luo's ancestral graves. I will personally visit and pray at the tombs of our ancestors for a prosperous future of the Luo Clan." After his announcement, Zen handed over the entire business of the Martial Arts Hall to his other uncles and the other elders of the Luo Clan. Having executed the troublesome Bryson Luo, Zen's job here was done. He trusted that after taking control of the Luo Clan, the elders would tackle the rest of the issues better than he would.

After hearing Zen's announcement, Ken's pale face finally regained a bit of color. He had thought himself doomed to die. The idea that Zen would keep him alive never occurred to him. As he watched Zen turn around and leave—his strong, broad back coming into view—Ken's eyes glazed over with awe for his nephew. Zen was no longer a small boy. He had grown up to

sical constitution and her extraordinary talent.

Even now, she couldn't escape those restraints.

Although Kenneth had agreed to let Yan come home with Zen this time, he had warned Zen not to try to help her run away, for it would be in vain.

The evil man had already imprinted a mark on Yan. Wherever she escaped, no matter how far, he would find her. Revolting against such a powerful man so blatantly and publicly would not be a good idea, at least not at the moment. If that man found out about Zen's defiance, things could only get worse for them.

At first, Zen had wanted to take Yan into the fairy palace, which was so mysterious and astonishing that even Zen found it indecipherable.

However, Zen was only the temporary owner of the fairy palace. There were so many things that he was not authorized to do there. He couldn't be sure the palace would be safe enough for Yan to stay in.

Yan was still on the swing. The sun was setting. As the last rays of sunlight glimmered on Yan, she looked as beautiful as a painting, beyond description in words.

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