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   Chapter 507 The Head Of The Luo Clan

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There was a murderous gleam in Ken's eyes as he stared at the lady. She might look as elegant and dainty as a lotus blossom, but, he knew she was as vile as a demon.

"Cut me a break here. After all, I'm your uncle, Yan!" begged Ken, knowing he couldn't escape her!

"Oh? Do you think I'm such a sweet child who will blindly obey you?" Yan studied him closely, and her eyes were full of apathy as she thought back a few years, to the loss of her father. Although she was young, it was a significant blow to her. Glaring at her uncle, she cruelly dismissed his begging.

"Bryson was the one who orchestrated your father's death! I—I had no part in the matter!" stammered Ken.

Nodding, Yan said, "That's true. It would have been impossible for you to murder my father since he was superior to you. But, I have to find the truth to what happened to my father. Therefore, I won't let you go!"

Immediately, Ken's face paled, and he frowned. There was an ominous yet sneaky flash in his eyes as he said, "What? Well, if you don't let me leave, then… Then, you can go to hell!"

Ken was the most attractive man from the Luo Clan, and his fair-faced skin looked as pure as jade, contradicting that he was forty years old. Right now, however, deep lines twisted Ken's face so much, which gave him a stern appearance. He looked like a different man entirely. Suddenly, three boxes gleaming with an iron radiance appeared in his hand.

"Thunder Kill Halberd!"

When Ken's eldest son, Andrew, fought Zen, he had used this halberd's less formidable counterpart, the Thunder Rob Halberd to attempt to assassinate Zen. Now, here was Andrew's father, facing off against Zen's sister with the Thunder Kill Halberd!

A hundred or so years ago, an ancestor in the Luo Clan had the great fortune of procuring the Thunder Kill Halberd, a sort of hidden mechanical armament. There were only three rounds of halberds in total. Because of how precious it was, the members of the Luo Clan never used it, and Ken wouldn't have drawn the Thunder Kill Halberd if he didn't need to.

Even though the Thunder Rob Halberd was an imitation of the Thunder Kill Halberd, it performed excellently, pointing to how powerful the Thunder Kill Halberd was.

"Chink! Chink! Chink!"

A metallic sound came, and dragon-like lightning exploded from boxes, transforming into halberds. They shot at Yan, immediately penetrating her body. Ken scowled at her, and within his heart, he was shouting, 'Ha! These halberds are in you now and will shatter you from your core! You'll be destroyed, from the inside out!'

An acrid stench of flesh smoldering filled the air as Ken eyeballed Yan and imagined how the lightning in her was raging, burning her as it ripped her apart. He was sure that Yan would be demolished at any moment now!

But, after standing there, watching for a long time, nothing happened, an

property compensate it double!"

Thunderous applause rose through the crowd!

That simple promise was enough to get everyone excited.

Having been under the absolute control of Bryson, and with other clans bullying them, they had to be a patient and friendly clan, for the sake of the common good, so, the clan had declined over time.

Now, not only did they not have to tolerate any bullying, they could make them pay for past treatment!

As the applause died, Zen turned to Bryson with a look of disgust and demanded, "Now, Uncle Bryson, you will tell me how my father died!"

"Hee-hee-hee," chortled Bryson. Bryson's shoulders shook slightly, and he had a weasel-like sneer while he lay on the floor and spat out, "Why ask me? You already believe I killed your father, so, fine! I killed your father!"

Zen shook his head, flatly, and said, "No, my father was at the nature level, and you weren't strong enough! Therefore, there must have been someone else!"

"And you think that I'm going to tell you?" questioned Bryson. He had a wry grin and his eyes sparked with an odd gleam as he continued, "If you promise, before everyone here, not to kill me, then, perhaps, I could be persuaded to talk."

Zen pursed his lips tightly as he slowly shook his head.

"If I'm going to die whether I tell you or not, why would I be stupid enough to tell you anything?" jeered Bryson.

Since Bryson refused to tell Zen the truth, Zen turned his eyes at Ken, hoping to get the answer. But before Ken said anything, Bryson warned, "Ken, if you tell him, he will kill you immediately. So keep your mouth shut until you die."

Hearing what Bryson said, Ken kept his mouth shut tightly. It appeared he'd decided not to talk!

A chilly smile spread across Zen's face, "Do you really think I can't make you talk?"

As he spoke, a translucent sharp thorn appeared between his eyebrows and shot at Bryson.

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