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   Chapter 506 The Malicious Aura Crystal (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-19 00:14

Just at that moment, a beautiful young girl suddenly floated in and casually asked, "Zen, need some help?"

The Blood Prisoner hadn't even been able to detect that the young girl was there before hearing her voice, 'When did this young girl come? Was she here the entire time? Why didn't I, or rather, why couldn't I notice her?

Is this girl a cultivator of the Illuminating Soul Realm?

Who is she? Is there actually a young girl of the Illuminating Soul Realm among the members of Luo family?'

Even though Zen's strength had astonished the Blood Prisoner, this guy was a nature creature and couldn't defeat him. The Blood Prisoner wasn't powerful enough, but he was still able to fly. Zen was a nature creature and couldn't catch up with him, so the Blood Prisoner had a great advantage and confidence when fighting against him.

But it would have been different if Zen, along with all his strength, also had the help of a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm. And this young girl was at a cultivation level several grades higher than him. The Blood Prisoner didn't have the confidence to defeat her.

"No thank you sis. I don't need any help. I am going to end this battle now." Zen replied sweetly with a smile.

What did that mean? The Blood Prisoner couldn't understand. Zen thought he could end this battle without the girl's help? His tone suggested that he was about to kill the Blood Prisoner at any time? 'Is this guy so naive as to believe that?'

Before the Blood Prisoner could recover from his shock and come to his senses, he saw another silver light flashing in Zen's hand and rushing towards his face.

The silver light was the broken flying knife!

It came instantly and unexpectedly. Hurriedly, the Blood Prisoner tried to dodge, but before he could even move, he felt a severe pain which alm

the Killing Sword Mountain and can keep them on the mountain.' Zen ordered in his mind. The three wisps of malicious aura disappeared from inside his body in an instant, and appeared on the mountain. He sensed a new energy flow somewhere in his body.

'Wow. It looks like it's super easy to save the malicious aura on the Killing Sword Mountain. I wonder how much malicious aura I can save there.'

While Zen was lost in his thoughts, a figure standing not far tried to flee. This was Ken.

It was beyond his imagination that Zen could have killed the prisoner so easily.

After all, the Blood Prisoner was being chased by the government and Cloud Sect jointly. He was supposed to be almost invincible in these counties. The government and Cloud Sect had sent several powerful men to surround and attack the Blood Prisoner, but he had still managed to run away.

Now his neck had been cut off by Zen in an instant...

Ken felt a chill running through his back. In his mind, he couldn't think of anything else except to flee.

However, just as he had moved a few steps, a young girl blocked his way out of nowhere. She had a really big smile. Yan asked in a low voice, "Uncle, where are you going?"

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