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   Chapter 505 The Malicious Aura Crystal (Part One)

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Zen had resisted Bryson's flying swords attack easily with his bodily strength. In fact, he had beaten Bryson so hard that the latter had gotten seriously injured. This had shocked the members of the Luo family, who were now, admiring Zen's strength heavily.

Initially, they had thought highly of Zen, but just like what had happened in the All Peaks Competition, no one really believed that Zen could defeat Dick of the Illuminating Soul Realm with his strength at a mere grade 2 of the nature level.

However, that was then. Right now, Zen was at grade 3 of the nature level but he was facing an opponent at the Illuminating Soul Realm, the Blood Prisoner, wanted by the government and chased for a long time by Cloud Sect.

Unless someone actually witnessed it, it would have been impossible to believe the outcome.

After the blood streaks released by the Blood Prisoner entangled Zen's arm, they tried to enter Zen's skin, like several thousand worms or centipedes trying to crawl inside.

His own refined blood as well as strong malicious aura was hidden in those streaks, which could even cut into an iron plate several centimeters thick. The Blood Prisoner could suck the flesh and blood from people whose body had been engulfed by those powerful rope-like streaks. But that was under usual circumstances.

Normally, the person whose blood and flesh were swallowed by him would have become a shrunken, sucked skeleton, miserable and quite dead.

"Scream, Bloke. Let out your sad and shrill cries!" The Blood Prisoner's terrible face without any skin on it shrieked and showed a merciless smile.

But just as his streaks tried to enter Zen's body, the Blood Prisoner suddenly felt that something was horribly wrong.

This time, his invincible blood streaks couldn't penetrate this pathetic man's skin.

How was that possible!

To be honest, the Blood Prisoner experienced more of Zen's

meone, he could accumulate more malicious aura which he could later utilize. With that in mind, Zen really was not in the mood to talk with him. He moved suddenly and started a weird step. Lifting the Streamer Sword in his hand lightly, he chopped his enemy, hoping to end him once and for all.

"Die!" The sharp Streamer Sword chopped with a silver radiance and the blade rushed towards the Blood Prisoner.

"That's going to be of no use." The Blood Prisoner waved his hand. Layers upon layers of blood-colored crystals suddenly emerged from his arm, like blood-red emeralds and formed a thick armor on his arm. There was a strong malicious aura hidden in each of those crystals and the sword couldn't possibly cut through them all.


Zen's sword radiance chopped several crystals to pieces but was blocked at last.

The Blood Prisoner sneered, "Your strength really surprises me, but you are bound to be my delicacy!"


Six blood-red bone spikes emerged from the Blood Prisoner's body instantly. Each of them was several feet long, and resembled the disgusting legs of a spider. They surrounded Zen immediately.

"Be a part of my blood and flesh!" The Blood Prisoner ordered and laughed wildly. The six bone spikes tried to hit Zen!

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