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   Chapter 504 Do You Really Think You’re That Strong

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A blood-colored figure was dashing from a distance, and not far behind it was Ken Luo following the figure.

Of course, Ken must have heard Bryson's cry, so he came running to his brother's aid.

"What the hell? How could Zen defeat Bryson?" Ken could not believe it at first.

But before he could even realize what just happened, he heard Blood Prisoner called Bryson his 'disciple'.

When did Bryson become the Blood Prisoner's disciple?

Although Ken knew that Bryson had kept the Blood Prisoner in the Luo Clan's cellar in order to fight against Zen, he still didn't agree with the Blood Prisoner's cultivating method.

The Blood Prisoner got his strength from eating people's flesh and blood. It was a heinous act, thus Ken believed it was the wrong path to take. Cooperating with a person like the Blood Prison was the same as asking a tiger for its fur. Any person who came close to the Blood Prisoner would eventually be eaten. But for Bryson to take such a risk, Ken knew that his brother had no other choice.

But Ken didn't know that Bryson had become the Blood Prisoner's disciple and started to learn the evil practicing method.

Still puzzled, Ken kept following the Blood Prisoner without any second thought. After all, it was necessary to immediately deal with the matter at hand.

Zen hit Bryson by only one hand. With the intensity of the attack, Bryson smashed into a house but was immediately followed by Zen. Although the latter used only half of his overall strength, Bryson still found it difficult to dodge the attack.

Soon, the members of the Luo Clan saw Zen pulling a man by his collar as he walked out of the ruined house. Despite the man's face covered in blood, everyone recognized that it was Bryson Luo.

Zen had defeated Bryson with just one casual punch.

The members of the Luo Clan were satisfied with the sight of the defeated Bryson. They had clearly underestimated Zen's strength before.

Suddenly, the blood-colored figure appeared. The faces of all the members of the Luo Clan turned pale when they realized who the blood figure was.

His body was red all over and it looked like the man had only flesh and blood with no skin at all.

The strong odor of blood reminded everyone of hell.

Even without looking at his face, everyone quickly recognized him.

The notorious evil man was described in the official announcement in detail, and the moment he appeared, the members of the Luo Clan started murmuring about him.

"The Blood Prisoner! It's the Blood Prisoner! He's actually staying in our house!" a young man exclaimed.

"The Blood Prisoner just called Bryson his disciple. Has Bryson made the Blood Prisoner his master?" another one asked in surprise.

"So that must be the reason. I realized that Bryson has a strong smell of blood in him. He finally learned 'Blood Evil Force' from the Blood Prisoner! So that explains the sudden disappearance of people from our clan! Bryson was practicing…" the third man said aloud.

The members of the Luo Clan were not as str

then Bryson could still be the master of the Luo Clan.

"You will end up being eaten by the Blood Prisoner! There's no way you can escape that!" Bryson laughed crazily. Bryson seemed to be mad although was almost out of breath.

"Is that so?" Zen said calmly. He had totally ignored the blood strings and went on talking to Bryson, "I will let you live to see how weak this man you're counting on is..."

After finishing his remarks, Zen pulled Bryson away and walked towards the blood strings.

The Blood Prisoner was determined to defeat Zen in an instant. But after he heard Zen's remarks, his eyes turned crueler. He said coldly, "How can a nature creature be arrogant in front of me? People look up at you like you're a rare gem. I hope you will never regret it!"

"Regret what?" Zen shook his head.

He didn't try to avoid the blood strings, instead, he offered his hand and allowed the blood strings to wrap around his hand.

Seeing how the events unfold, the members of the Luo Clan felt nervous but surprised at the same time.

In their eyes, it was expected for Zen to defeat Bryson since the first had entered the Cloud Sect.

But defeating the Blood Prisoner was a different story. Even if Zen was the strongest amongst the Cloud Sect, the Blood Prisoner was still an Illuminating Soul Realm practitioner.

Even if the Blood Prisoner was only at the beginning level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, he was as strong as a warrior god in C County.

A nature creature could make huge achievements inside C County, so what more could an Illuminating Soul Realm master do?

Why did Zen allow the blood strings to wrap around his hand? Why didn't he fight back? Wasn't he afraid of being captured by the Blood Prisoner?

If Zen told them that he was confident to defeat the Blood Prisoner and that letting the blood strings wrap around his hand was on purpose, they wouldn't believe it. They were confused as to why Zen was so calm and didn't even avoid being captured by the blood strings at all.

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