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   Chapter 503 Invulnerable Body (Part Two)

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Unexpectedly, Zen made a move that had the audience shouting in fear, "Ah crap, don't jump there!" A member of the Luo Clan shrieked, "Bryson sneaked an escape-proof net on that little platform from the start! How clever of him. Maybe all his previous attacks were well-thought of and calculated only to lead Zen to his trap!"

The Luo Clan members could only imagine the worst that could happen in this clash. It seemed as if the tables had been turned and Bryson took over the upper hand of the battle. Some of them even closed their eyes because they knew they wouldn't be able to bear the unholy image of dripping blood from 12 swords piercing through Zen's body.

Even the seniors of the Luo Clan who, just a few moments ago, were speechless in amazement, were at a loss for words for what they were seeing right now. Disappointedly, they sighed, "We never thought Zen could fall into Bryson's trap so easily."

At this point of the battle, Melvin and Tristan nervously had their fists clenched tightly, praying for a miracle to come even if Zen's chances of winning seemed so slim.

Meanwhile, standing at the back of the crowd, Yan could not help but shake her head and heave with a sigh, 'With Zen's almost indestructible body, those swords would not hurt him even if they deeply pierce into his flesh.

I wonder what kind of expression will be on Bryson's face once he realizes Zen will beat him to death." Yan smirked.

Bryson was feeling so thrilled that he could feel the surge of adrenaline, rushing though his veins. He wanted to give Zen a more tragic death, and so he wiel

the gap between you and me is beyond your imagination!"

Zen hopped from the small platform once again and dashed over towards Bryson.

Still, Bryson was not to be underestimated.

Since his strongest strike did not turn out the way he pictured it to be, he could tell that Zen's strength had now grown out of his league.

Bryson's body grew cold out of fear. With the overwhelming fright that was surging through him right now, only one thing popped up in his head — escape.

But how could Bryson outrun the indestructible Zen? When Zen picked up his speed, he caught up to Bryson within barely a second.

During this desperate moment, Bryson had no choice but to yell. "Help me!"

But at this point, Zen already landed behind Bryson. He muttered icily, "Even if a king were here, he couldn't get you out of this now!"

Zen smacked his fist into Bryson's back. The impact of his punch sent Bryson crashing through a house nearby.

Suddenly, a chilling voice sounded not too far, "Who dares to hurt my disciple? I'll eat you up alive!"

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