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   Chapter 502 Invulnerable Body (Part One)

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As they sensed the smell of blood flowing from Bryson, all the children of the Luo Clan fell into shock.

"What a dense smell of blood! This is not a cultivation method of our Luo Clan!"

"Bryson has been practicing the Purple Light Fist, hasn't he? But why did he suddenly switch to another one?"

"It seems to be... Blood Evil Force!" "Isn't it the cultivation method that the Blood Prisoner is infamous for? Why would Bryson adopt this wicked method?"

Hodge and the others all turned pale.

A while ago, when the C County government attempted to hunt down Blood Prisoner, a criminal infamous for his dark cultivation method, they released a detailed order for arrest that contained an elaborate description of Blood Prisoner's appearance, physical characteristics, and the cultivation method he usually employed.

Judging by the scent of blood coming from Bryson, his cultivation method was practically the same as the description of the Blood Evil Force that was written on the official notice. However, Hodge was not perfectly certain about his assumptions, therefore he did not want to jump into conclusions.

After all, Hodge and the other members of the Luo Clan had never seen Blood Prisoner in person. Also, the details from the order of arrest were insufficient and quite vague for them to correctly identify and recognize the wanted criminal.

Although they could not exactly pinpoint the relationship between Bryson and Blood Prisoner, Hodge was sure of one thing, and it was the fact that the cultivation method Bryson was practicing was definitely indecent, dark and forbidden.

The sound of swinging swords against each other filled the air. "Swish, swish, swish."

After Bryson moved his fingers, 12 swords suddenly rose up behind him and shot up to the sky as they left 12 streaks of their trajectory in the air

ying swords of death! Zen… ... is already that powerful?"

After running all the way to the end of the wall despite the dangerous attacks, Zen leapt towards a small platform. Just before Zen landed, Bryson let out a sneer.

"Zen, do you really think you can escape from my swords? Your confidence blinds you. You're too predictable. I calculated that you will be stepping on this platform. Well, now I'll watch how you get away with this one!"

As Bryson's remark faded, the 12 swords abruptly shot towards that platform. At this point, Zen was still up in the air, unable to duck anywhere.

"Go to hell!" Bryson angrily shouted. Bryson flashed a mocking smile as he watched Zen struggle to fight through his swords. He thought to himself, 'This kid is still too young. If Zen had practiced martial arts in Cloud Sect for at least a decade or so, then I'm afraid he could surpass me and I wouldn't be able to equally match him as rival.

But now, even though Zen has improved greatly, I have achieved a milestone as well. I have inherited the Blood Evil Force from no other than Blood Prisoner himself. Now I am not only stronger, but my skills and power have been enhanced as well!

Zen, you are not my equal!'

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