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   Chapter 501 The Expectations Of The General Public

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It was rare to see a low-level spiritual weapon in C County.

In the past when Mike owned a high-level spiritual weapon, he stood out in the whole of C County and became the envy of numerous people at that time.

But time had changed. As several large-scale mines were discovered and exploited in C County, warriors became richer. Now, a few spiritual weapons were seen in C County.

The master of the Huang Clan was the one who prospered most rapidly with the thriving mining business. He was so wealthy that he could even afford a middle-level spiritual weapon.

Living in C county, Bryson's knowledge was limited to spiritual weapons. On the other hand, when it came to fairy weapons, Bryson thought that they were legends.

As Bryson gawked at Zen's sword, Zen said in a cold voice, "Bryson, did you hear that? That is how the junior members of the clan see you in their hearts. As the master of the clan, you have proved to be a complete failure."

Bryson smiled mirthlessly. The twelve long swords behind him began to tremble. "How dare you say I'm a failure! These children are only trying to cause trouble. Do you think a child's lie can oust me? Do any older members support you?"

As soon as Bryson finished speaking, three middle-aged men walked into the Martial Arts Hall, followed by a dozen children of the clan.

"We support Zen," the middle-aged man who led the team said.

"Bryson, you have gone too far in these past few years…" another middle-aged man added.

The three middle-aged men were Zen's uncles.

After they heard Zen's accusations, many of which implicated Bryson, they gathered the clan's children and rushed to the hall.

"Cletus, Hodge, and Chet! You want to rebel against the Luo Clan?" Bryson's face darkened as if a rainstorm were looming.

He knew that if elders in the clan stepped forward, then the matter would grow more serious. Zen's uncles were the heads of the other branches of the Luo Clan. As long as they chose to rebel, the members belonging to their branches would also follow them.

"Bryson, we're rebelling against you, not the Luo Clan!" Cletus Luo said.

They had long been dissatisfied with Bryson's and Ken's actions in the clan. However, what had prevented them from revolting was their concern that no one else was eligible enough to serve as the new leader. And, most importantly, no one dared to be the first to rebel against Bryson.

None of the clan branches felt as though they were strong enough to lead this coup. They were also aware that Bryson would slaughter the first person to rebel.

All they needed was an opportunity.

Once Zen returned, the older members felt that he was trustworthy. So they chose to back Zen unanimously.

Bryson sighed when he heard Cletus Luo. He sneered. "Okay, so this is how it is. If a wall starts tottering, everyone wants to shove it. But I tell you, you… will all regret it."

At this time, they heard the sounds of a walking stick hitting the floor. The noise was coming from the gate of the Martial Arts Hall.

The clicking sound neared.

A grey-haired aged man am

one's determination in martial arts wavered or cracked, the opponent would seize the chance and defeat him.

When Bryson saw Zen and all the people that supported him, Bryson's belief that he was the natural leader of the Luo Clan faltered. A crack began to form in his heart which was dedicated to martial arts.

And later, Zen denounced him and listed every fault and unfair action. Every word spoken by Zen rang in Bryson's ears. It was loud and clear and hit every nerve. Almost in an instant, Bryson's warrior spirit was breached by Zen. His determination for martial arts began to waver violently.

As the sudden bouts of anger and anxiety damaged his heart and mind, Bryson's body was affected. The damage had led to his mouth filling with blood.

"You spat blood, that shows that you have a bit of humanity left in you. You feel some guilt. But…" Zen shook his head and said, "It is too late. You have already led the Luo Clan into an abyss. I will clean up the mess you have made, but the price will be your life."


Bryson suddenly laughed hysterically, almost madly. The roar of laughter continued for a while before it stopped.

"Yes, you're right. As you said, I'm sinful. But so what? You want to end my life? What makes you think that you can defeat me? If you died, who else in the Luo Clan would dare to act against me? Ours is a world that is ruled by strength!" Bryson went berserk, and his expression looked sinister. He shouted, "I'll kill Zen, then you, you and you, you old bastard Bridger, Cletus Luo, Hodge Luo… Who else dares to be rebellious? And say unfavorable things about me?"

As soon as he finished, blood spurted from Bryson's mouth. Streams of malicious aura oozed from the blood. The deep purple life vitality that was attached to his swords turned to bloody red.

Every sword emitted a strong stench of blood as if those swords had slaughtered thousands of creatures.

"Zen, come on! Since you joined Cloud Sect, you must have grown in strength. Let me see whether all you have is a sharp tongue!"

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