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   Chapter 500 All The People Stood Up

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The man Ken Luo called the Blood Prisoner had appeared in C County and its neighborhoods.

He had cultivated himself by a demonic method of eating the blood and flesh of living humans. There had been many people from the counties who went missing in the recent years.

The missing people weren't noticed at first, until one day someone had accidentally entered the Blood Prisoner's cave. He found tons of human bones and soon enough, the truth was revealed to the public.

After the case was reported to the superior level, Burning Sky Empire sent some professionals to arrest the Blood Prisoner. The Cloud Sect also offered a reward to anyone who would capture him, so many elite disciples participated in the search after they had accepted the task.

Although the Blood Prisoner was quite strong, he didn't stand against so many high-level people. Therefore he was badly hurt and escaped to any place he could find.

Meanwhile, Perrin Luo was just dismissed by the Cloud Sect and sent back to the Luo Clan. He told Bryson Luo that Zen had a great leap in progress and had already entered the Cloud Sect.

When Bryson knew that Zen was still alive and had been a disciple of the Cloud Sect, he suffered a serious illness. He and Zen were sworn enemies. The Cloud Sect seemed to be the perfect place to cultivate a warrior. When Zen reached a high level after five or ten years, he would surely come back. What would Bryson do when that time came?

He felt greatly pressured. Whenever he thought about Zen, he couldn't fall asleep for the whole night.

Thus, after Bryson recovered, he continuously improved his strength because of the pressure he felt.

Not only did he become a nature creature, but he also reached as high as the third level.

It was known that as a warrior grew older, his bones would toughen and it would be harder for him to improve greatly. The fact that Bryson's achievement of such a high level was all because of Zen.

But even though Bryson achieved such a feat, he didn't feel satisfied. The Cloud Sect was too strong, as seen from Perrin's experience. Perrin improved greatly and had grown into a nature creature in a short time because he got a little help from one of the noble clans, the Wang Clan.

If Zen had enough time to grow, Bryson still wouldn't be able to defeat him.

When Bryson was at a loss on what to do, he met up with the Blood Prisoner, who was on the run from government arrest.

The Blood Prisoner was undoubtedly powerful. He had to escape to random places because of his injuries. In the end, he hid himself in the cellar of the Luo Clan.

Bryson hadn't found the Blood Prisoner in the cellar at first as he was really good at hiding himself. However, after several people were reported missing, Bryson realized that something was up.

Now, the news about the Blood Prisoner had become sensational. Soon enough, Bryson deduced that the Blood Prisoner had hidden in the Luo Clan.

However, he didn't


The members felt nervous when they saw what Bryson had done. After all, none of them could fight against him.

The sword was so quick that before anyone could do something, it arrived in front of Tristan.

"Ping! Ping!"

Two sharp sounds followed and the sword was cut into pieces.

Zen waved his Streamer Sword and looked up at Bryson. "Is that how you treat the people of the Luo Clan? In your eyes, they should be at your mercy. You can do whatever you want to them. Is there any difference between your family member and an animal in your eyes?" he asked icily.

"Zen is right. Once I did something that didn't please you, you wanted to kill me. What do you think we are?

Bryson, we have the same family name and we are related. Do you still remember that?" Tristan asked as well.

He felt that he had nothing to lose now, but what he could do was to believe Zen and trust Zen's strength!

Just now, he was right. Zen could protect him from Bryson's attacks.

Thus, Tristan said those words fearlessly. He was a young man with low status, but he actually blamed Bryson face to face. This was beyond his imagination until Zen came.

Bryson didn't respond to Tristan, but he stared at the Steamer Sword in Zen's hand.

The thirteen swords were all middle-grade mysterious weapons!

It had cost Bryson a lot and a long time just to own the thirteen swords.

However, Zen's sword had cut one of his thirteen swords in a mere second! Zen's gleaming sword immediately caught his attention

'It sliced my weapon so easily as if it has cut a vegetable!

What level is that sword? Is it a top-grade mysterious weapon? Or is it a low-grade spiritual weapon?

A middle-grade spiritual weapon, perhaps?' Bryson could not help but wonder.

However, Bryson had never expected that Zen's sword was a fairy weapon. He had never imagined it!

Moreover, he had never seen a top-grade spiritual weapon in his life, not to mention a fairy weapon.

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