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   Chapter 499 The Blood Prisoner

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The first time Miles laid eyes on Zen, he had been too shocked to react.

In his head, he kept thinking over and over, 'Why did this guy come back?'

But what happened next stunned him more, that was Darcy's unexpected death in Zen's hands.

How could Darcy have died this way?

Was Zen crazy?

Darcy was the young master of the Huang Clan. Would the Huang Clan let this pass without retribution given the way he was killed?

Darcy died on the Luo Clan's territory, and it only meant catastrophe for the Luo family.

Trembling, Miles asked, "Z..Zen, do you know who you killed?" He felt terrible after witnessing Darcy's death.

Shaking his head, Zen replied, "I already answered that, didn't I?

I am not in the mood to know."

"I don't care about your mood. Darcy is the young master of the Huang Clan. Are you aware of this clan? The master of Huang clan, the most powerful clan in C County now, is at grade 5 of the nature level. Darcy died here. All the members of the Luo family will be killed!"

No longer able to control his fear, Miles howled.

When the others heard this, they all had a worried expression.

A fighter at grade 5 of the nature level would definitely be considered a powerful man in C County.

Was Zen qualified to resist the Huang Clan?

Glancing at Miles with indifference, Zen snapped. "Shut up! Otherwise, you might end up dead, too."

The look Zen gave him made Miles tremble even more, as if a viper was staring at him. But he gritted his teeth and retorted, "You... If you dare to kill me, my dad...

How can my dad...

just let you go?" Miles asked weakly.

"So, if I don't kill you, will Bryson let me go?" Zen sneered.

He was slightly enjoying this.

"Right. You're back this time to court death!" Trying to sound brave, Miles thought of his father and felt relieved. Bryson had greatly improved his strength, broken the pass of marrow refining realm, and reached grade 3 of the nature level.

"Court death? Me?" Zen laughed.

He looked at the pavilion beside the martial arts practicing field and then trod on the wall with one foot. Then he jumped up like a civet cat and instantly climbed to the top of the pavilion.

From there, he could look down at tier upon tier of buildings, within the Luo mansion.

It took many years for the Luo family to arrange the buildings, as well as fix the courtyards and pavilions in the mansion, so they turned out exquisite and well-designed, like gardens in foreign lands.

Zen muttered to himself, "In the eyes of the noble clans in Imperial Capital, these houses are hardly worth mentioning. But my family has been managed well from generation to generation. I will not allow Bryson to destroy these!"

Breathing deeply after minutes of introspection, Zen shouted as he summoned his life vitality. "Brothers of the Luo family, listen to my orders.

Here is Zen. I am back!

All the members of the Luo family, whether young or old, regardless if you are direct or collateral descendants, everyone with the family name Luo, come to gather in the martial arts practicing field! And this is a special call to Bryson and Ken, two bastards!

Come out to suffer death!" Zen declare

keys. When he pushed the door open, the strong metallic smell of blood from inside assailed his senses.

A hoarse voice from the inside called out.

"Who is it?"

"It's Ken!"

"Do you come to meet me because of that bloke?"

Hoarse laughter followed. Because of life vitality, Zen's voice was able to penetrate even the deepest parts of the mansion. So that person inside the room obviously heard him.

He also heard Zen call Ken and Bryson bastards and decided he must hold a grudge against the two.

"Yes, Mr. Blood Prisoner. We're asking you to do us a favor!"

It was humiliating to beg, but Ken had to do it.

There was laughter again. "That bloke's voice is full of strength. You're coming to me because you can't handle him, can you? He must be very powerful. Do you take me for a fool?"

The Blood Prisoner laughed a third time.

But Ken persisted. "Mr. Blood Prisoner, we have offered you much blood and flesh in the last several days, and we let you eat at least ten living people... If we can't defeat that bloke, then most likely no one will help you collect the blood and flesh of living people in the future. And for sure, Zen will find you. If you are exposed..."

He was grasping at straws.

"Are you threatening me? Hmmm. I can help you once. And in return, you need to find one hundred living people within one month for me to suck their blood and eat their flesh!" he said. That was his condition.

"A hundred living people..."

Hesitation mixed with desperation showed on Ken's face. There were many people in C County, but it was impossible not to be noticed if one hundred living humans disappeared for no reason. And it would surely mean trouble for the Luo family.

"Just forget it, if you can't do it. I will simply go somewhere else!" The cold voice spurred Ken to action.

"I can bring it to you, Mr. Blood Prisoner. I will do as you say!"

Nodding, Ken bowed and prepared to leave.

"Hahaha! That's great!

I will also suck this bloke's blood and eat his flesh!"

With that said, the Blood Prisoner walked out of the cellar leaving a trail of metallic odor behind.

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