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   Chapter 498 Not Interested To Know You

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At that time, Melvin had the exact same idea as Zen in the past.

'I have broken the rules of the Luo Clan so I was downgraded to a slave. I serve as a training tool, and it is my destiny.

As a training tool, the children of the Luo Clan beat me for training or testing their strength. But there is someone who cannot beat me!' Melvin thought.

When he heard Melvin's words, Miles hit the slave with a powerful blow before shouting, "Melvin, you're honored to be beaten by Darcy!

If you say anything more, I will beat you to death!"

The blow had Melvin doubling over.

But he was also a hothead. Through gritted teeth, he shouted back, "Miles Luo! You have humiliated the entire Luo Clan! You're even worse than your brother Perrin. The people Perrin had good relations with were the great ones from the noble clans of the Imperial Capital. Who is your brother Darcy? He is only a man from the Huang Clan of C County! The Huang Clan is low-ranked, and people from that clan have not been given the right to talk to members of the Luo Clan. And now you're kissing his ass?

Bah!" Melvin smirked.

His remarks caught Darcy's attention.

"Our Huang Clan is so low and not qualified to talk to your Luo Clan?"

This time, Darcy's expression turned cold.

Seeing Darcy's face, Miles hurriedly gave a smile and bent over. "Darcy, do not mind this guy. He just had to say something. I will punish him harshly later!" he assured. It was necessary for Miles to speak to Darcy carefully.

"No, let me do it. I'll teach him what unqualified means!"

As soon as he finished saying this, Darcy started to focus his life energy and soon reached a high spirit.

Darcy Huang was the young master of the Huang Clan, which had developed quickly in the past years in C County. But no one knew where the master of the Huang Clan found resources that allowed him to achieve three levels continuously. Now, he was at the fifth grade of the nature level.

The master of the Huang Clan was probably the fighter with the highest level in C County!

Given the circumstances, the Huang Clan was naturally flourishing gradually, and other clans had to admit them to be the number-one clan and play up to them. As a result, the Huang Clan stood to receive most of the benefits in the county.

And most of them belonged to the Luo Clan. In other words, the Luo Clan's wealth had been swallowed up by other clans in C County, and the Huang Clan had amassed it.

Despite the situation, the Luo Clan would never dare say anything unfavorable. And this was the reason why Miles had to flatter Darcy. The moment he antagonized Darcy, the Huang Clan would be annoyed, and the ending would be worse for the Luo Clan.

And because Miles was good at pleasing Darcy, and building a good relationship with him, the Huang Clan didn't eat up all of the Luo Clan's property.

However, this just prolonged the agony of the Luo Clan, because they were on the way to decline soon.

In Darcy's view, the Luo Clan was a bunch of deplorable people, including Miles. But since Miles always said something to please him tremendously, Darcy didn't mind being followed around by him.

Now all of a sudden, a human punchbag had the nerve to look do

ill thought highly of the former young master of the clan and was awed by his great courage.

And Melvin thought it would have been a pity if that man with great courage would end up dead.


I can't believe you came back," Melvin murmured. Suddenly, the strong man's eyes welled up with tears, and his nose started to sniffle.

In view of several astonished men, Zen slowly walked up to Melvin and said, "Long time no see, Melvin. How did you end up being a human punchbag?" He looked at the older man waiting for an answer.

"That's a very long story," Melvin sighed.

"Then tell your story later. Let's talk about what's happening now. I saw someone wanted to beat you to death. Is that true?" Looking in the direction where Darcy stood, Zen asked Melvin, "Is that the guy?"

He approached with full confidence and swung his sword.

With Zen nearly cutting his arm, Darcy became even more furious! "Is this guy going to bring me trouble? How dare he do that! Doesn't he know who I am?

He's really dancing with death!' Darcy thought bitterly.

"I am the man who wants to beat him to death. What do you want to do about it?" he sneered. He asked again, "Do you know who I am?"

Raising an eyebrow, he waited for acknowledgement.

But Zen just shook his head and replied, "I really don't..."

Zen moved his fingers and his sword started to quiver.

"I am..."

But Darcy was rudely interrupted.

"Swish! Swish!"

Before he could finish talking, Zen's Streamer Sword shifted. The action was so fast like a shiny flower flitted by and slashed Darcy's neck.

"I am...

I am..." Darcy gasped.

With his eyes opened wide, Darcy found he could no longer speak. In the dying seconds of his life, he was as confused as he was regretful.

'Why didn't you let me finish what I was saying?

If you knew who I am, you would certainly not dare to kill me!

What a pity I'm about to die! My father will take revenge for me.' This was Darcy's last clear thought.

Looking at Darcy's wide open eyes before his last breath, Zen shook his head calmly before saying, "I'm not interested to know who you are."

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