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   Chapter 497 Back To The Martial Arts Hall (Part Two)

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They understood that Zen came back to bring light and hope to the Luo Clan. Thanks to him, the clan would be saved.

The members rushed over to Zen one by one, gathering around him in a circle.

Many of them had tears in their eyes that threatened to spill over. They were much moved by Zen's arrival for it brought hope for their family. It was hard to express this appreciation in proper words. They were truly touched.

"Hey, you guys! You welcome my older brother but forget about me?" asked Yan from behind them. Her eyes blinked and her lips turned down in a pout.

"Brother?" one of the members heard Yan's words and had a close look at her. "My God! It's Yan!"

"Yan is back, too!" someone yelled loudly.

"What? Didn't Perrin tell us that Yan was locked up in the Hell Mountain?"

They didn't have comprehensive knowledge about the Hell Mountain, only that it was a place that held complete misery—the place any disciple of Cloud Sect who violated the rules was thrown into to suffer endless torture and inhuman treatment.

Once, Yan had been the best descendant of the Luo Clan. She had been admitted to Cloud Sect especially because of her great talent in the martial arts. It had been a proud moment for every member of the Luo Clan.

Later, they heard that Yan was punished and imprisoned at the Hell Mountain. No one received any information about her ever since. They still didn't know what happened to her in all those years.

Now, to their amazement, Yan was back!

And Yan's strength seemed… profound—too great to be detected by them. How strong was she now? It seemed that the momentum exuding from her body was a million times stronger than Bryson's.

Zen was at the third grade of the nature level and was restraining his real momentum. The descendants then thought that Zen's strength was comparable to Bryson's. It might even be slightly better than his, but not much more. Of course, they still felt that Zen's st

d to offend an increasing number of people. As a result, he ended up being framed by vile characters: punished, locked in the dungeon and turned into a training tool.

The person who was punching Melvin was Miles, the son of the second branch of the Luo Clan. He was also Perrin's younger brother. Since Perrin's rank as the young master of the Luo Clan was now abolished, the title was naturally taken up by Miles.

A young man in a yellow robe stood next to Melvin. "Little rat, I see you're quite enjoying yourself," he said. "This looks very interesting. Let me try too, would you?"

"Well, Darcy, if you so want to," Miles said, a wide smile on his face. "Go ahead!"

"But if I throw a punch at him, I'm afraid he'll die. What should I do?" asked the man named Darcy.

"Darcy, there is nothing to be afraid of. These training tools are just that—tools. Nobody cares if they die. Rest assured and punch him as you wish. Even if they die, nobody will trouble you. Haha!" Miles said to him, smiling courteously while he threw a contemptuous glance at Melvin.

Melvin, all battered and abused, burst out with a heavy face, "Miles! Even if I, Melvin, am the training tool, it's only for the purpose of training the members of the Luo Clan. He is an outsider. What allows him to punch me?"

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