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   Chapter 496 Back To The Martial Arts Hall (Part One)

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Yan looked at Grey's fallen body indifferently and without a single trace of sympathy. She immediately followed behind her older brother, Zen. Having left the Luo Clan a few years ago, she was not familiar with Grey. Yet, in her opinion, since her older brother killed him, he must not have been a good person.

As Tristan passed by Grey, he spat on Grey's face and followed Zen as well.

After a while, when Grey's twitching corpse had stilled, a murky vapor left his body and flew toward Zen. It was a malicious aura, the power of curse formed by someone who was unwilling to get killed.

The more strength a living creature had, the heavier was the malicious aura formed on his death.

An insignificant and weak figure like Grey had a small malicious aura.

However, Zen wouldn't reject even such a small amount. The more malicious aura he absorbed, the higher his strength would be. Today, he was to kill all his enemies in the Luo Clan with the toughest means possible, which meant using his killing way of practicing.

In the olden days, Zen's father, Mike, had been much too good to his brothers out of a feeling of benevolence. Eventually, his two younger brothers, Bryson and Ken, murdered him.

Although Mike had been soft-hearted and responded to evil with kindness, in the end, he still suffered the fatal disaster of getting killed.

Zen had long decided never to follow his father's path.

Stepping into the Luo house, they saw the wide muster station.

When Zen left Luo Clan, he was forced to fight his younger cousin Andrew at the muster station while desperately seeking to stay alive.

Yet, at the end of the fight, even when he beat Andrew, his uncle Ken didn't keep his promise that he would allow Zen to leave the Luo residence!

The noise outside the front door had attracted the attention of the pe


"No, he is the master of our clan now! He's the son of our former master, Mike. The eldest son of the eldest branch of the Luo Clan! Since Mike passed away, the leadership should pass down to Zen. He must become the new master of our clan!" The members of Luo Clan were astonished but thrilled to have Zen back.

Moments before, they had been nervous and horrified, but now, their moods elevated from terror to joy.

Zen was back, and he had such great power! The Luo Clan was not to be destroyed. In fact, it was to be saved by Zen.

The Luo Clan was slowly being ruined since Bryson, the current master of the Luo Clan, allowed those thugs to run amok inside the house. But they were still members of the Luo Clan, and none of them wanted to see their own family wasting away! It was the reason they did not want to leave the Luo Clan. They were born and brought up in this clan, which meant that their roots belonged here.

Even if the roots were rotten to the core, they were still reluctant to leave. Yet, they could do nothing but swallow the pain as they watched the Luo Clan grow decadent slowly, crumbling away ceaselessly only to eventually be destroyed.

But at this very moment, they understood.

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