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   Chapter 495 It's Useless To Apologize

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It was at that precise moment that Tristan suddenly recognized Zen. He looked at him in surprise.

There were two shocking events which had taken place within the Luo Clan last year.

The first one was that Zen had been taken away by the weapon refining master Evil Lan, and the second one was that Perrin had been disabled at the Cloud Sect.

No one knew whether Zen was still alive or not after his capture, and where he was now.

It was still a mystery who had disabled Perrin's skills.

All the Luo Clan members remained tight-lipped about these two events.

Initially, they had all thought that Zen must have died. Since the weapon refiner Evil Lan was said to be extremely wicked and cruel, Zen wouldn't have had a chance to escape his clutches.

However, as time went on, rumors spread among the Luo Clan. Someone still believed that he had died, but others said that Zen was still alive and had become a disciple of Cloud Sect, the holy land that every practitioner yearned to go to.

Although they described many details which sounded quite real, most members of the Luo Clan didn't believe it. After all, they had witnessed Zen being taken away by Evil Lan, who was supposed to be the most vile person among his contemporaries. Besides, it wasn't that easy to become a disciple of Cloud Sect.

After years of training, Perrin was the only child in the Luo Clan who had reached the cultivation level high enough to be accepted by Cloud Sect. As far as the Luo Clan was concerned, Zen couldn't have been on par with Perrin at all, so most of the family members didn't take the rumors seriously.

Before they could completely recover from the shock of Zen's being taken away, Perrin's skills had suddenly been disabled and he had been sent back home from Cloud Sect.

It was a big blow to the Luo Clan.

Each clan in C County paid great attention to the training of their young generation, and many of them would do anything that was required to send their children to Cloud Sect for cultivation.

These clans didn't expect much. They just hoped that their children could become an inner disciple of Cloud Sect and reach the nature level. Even that was a big reward for them.

Mike Luo had only reached the nature level many years ago and that was a big deal.

For most people, a nature creature was powerful and talented enough to be the backbone of a clan.

It meant that even if a clan member was just an outer disciple of Cloud Sect, no other clans would have dared to challenge it so easily.

The other clans feared that if this outer disciple ever happened to reach a high enough level of cultivation, he would seek revenge.

Perrin had already reached the nature level and had even played up to a noble clan, the Wang Clan.

Since everyone thought that Perrin would have a promising future and took him a

onfused. 'How does he know my name? Why did he say that I have forgotten him? Who is he?'

Grey measured Zen up and down and suddenly his face turned pale. Although Zen's temperament had changed a lot, his facial features remained the same.

"You! You... are Zen!" Grey's eyes were filled with disbelief. How could Zen come back and become so powerful?


The servant who had been sweeping the floor stopped when he heard the name. He looked at him, as shocked as Grey was at the sudden come back of this man.

He had been working here for several dozens of years, so he was quite familiar with the Luo Clan. He looked at Zen carefully and became sure that it was nobody else.

The young woman standing behind Zen looked familiar too. She resembled Mike who had died many years ago. Hang on. She must be Yan!

The servant had never expected that the two siblings would ever come back! He was so excited that his hands began to tremble. If he hadn't been holding the broom with all of his strength, it would most probably have fallen down.

"Since you know who I am, then you should also know why you have to die today!" With that short and curt statement, Zen drew a sword from his space ring slowly.

"I... Please! Don't kill me! Please! Zen, I know I shouldn't have treated you like that. I'm sorry! Please give me a chance! I can..."

Before Grey could continue, an icy light flashed in front of him.

A wound appeared on his neck and blood oozed from it.

"I... I..." Grey covered his neck with his hands and then fell onto the ground, gagging. As his trachea had been cut open, he could only look at Zen with his eyes begging for mercy, hoping that Zen would give him a pill just like the one he had given to Tristan and save his life.

Zen stepped forward and looked at Grey's fat face. "It's useless to apologize. Otherwise, why would we ever need weapons! "

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