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   Chapter 494 Tristan Luo (Part Two)

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He could only scream in anger. "Grey, you bastard! I'll fucking kill you!"

There was only a sinister smile on Grey's face.

Then he raised a thick stick he held in one hand, lifted it up, and smashed it hard against the child's legs.




The sound of fractured leg bones came after the stick's heavy blows.




The child screamed in agony as his legs were broken by Grey.

The two strong men then carelessly threw the child away. His smaller body tumbled down the stairs and he lay in pain on the ground.

This child proved to be really stubborn. Even with his broken legs, he still wanted to climb back to the gates of the Luo house. He pulled himself up heavily on the steps as droplets of blood fell on the ground.

The servant who swept the grounds looked at the scene and sighed. The blood stained the steps and he would have to clean them again.

It did not mean that he felt no sympathy for the child. He had worked diligently for the Luo clan for several decades, and had deep feelings for the family.

It was just that the current Luo family was no longer the family it used to be.

These things occurred almost several times every month, and he had gotten used to it. It was nothing he could handle. It was clear that the Luo family was problematic, but what could he do as a mere servant?

"Come on! Climb up here!" Grey said.

He went up the steps and kicked the child in the chest. The little boy had managed to climb up the stairs, but he fell down again.

"You climb so slowly, like a tortoise!" one of the strongmen laughed.

The other one laughed as well.

The servant only shook his head and cont

dare you meddle in our business?" he asked furiously. He could see that Zen and Yan weren't ordinary people, but he didn't recognize them.

It was normal for him not to recognize Yan since she was only a little girl when she left the Luo house. Now, she had grown into a beautiful young lady.

As for Zen, he had changed a lot. He was now in his teens, and the cultivation had made his figure bulkier. His temperament was even more impressive, and his appearance was quite handsome.

Therefore, Grey and Tristan didn't recognize them at once.

Zen and Yan didn't seem to hear what Grey said. Zen turned to Tristan and said, "Tristan, let's go home." Tristan looked at him confusedly.

Go home?

He was surprised at Zen's words. 'Did he say go home? Only the children of the Luo clan can call this place home, right?'

Suddenly, something flashed in Tristan's mind. He then looked at Zen with wide, ecstatic eyes.

When he was about to call Zen's name, Zen nodded at him. He put his hand on Tristan's shoulder, his eyes filled with resolution. He turned to Yan and nodded to her as well.

"Come on, let's go home!"

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