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   Chapter 493 Tristan Luo (Part One)

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When Kenneth saw that the three disciples all wore serious expressions, he simply smiled at them.

"Don't worry. The Cloud Road in the Eastern Region is not as difficult as you have imagined. What is more, you are more powerful than your peers. I'm sure that all of you will do great in the Cloud Road trial!" he said.

Meanwhile, Rocher still looked a bit skeptical.

"Master Shi, is the Cloud Road really a road?" he asked. "Yes, it is. But in reality, the name Cloud Road isn't quite accurate. It's just what we call it here in Cloud Sect. Its original name was Trial Road for Cultivators," Kenneth said slowly.

The three disciples nodded thoughtfully at Kenneth's words.

The martial art cultivators of the Eastern Region saw Kenneth as just one of the many strong men from Cloud Hall.

On the other hand, they saw the emperor of the Burning Sky Empire as a member of Cloud Hall as well.

Once a disciple passed the test of the Trial Road for Cultivators, he was eligible to join Cloud Hall. It meant that he would have the same status as the leader of Cloud Sect and the emperor of the Burning Sky Empire.

It was why the cultivators in the Eastern Region liked to call it the Cloud Road, also known as a road to Cloud Hall. Some legends even said that once a disciple passed Cloud Road, he would likely become an immortal.

Of course, such legends were obviously exaggerations. However, these legends showed just how much they yearned for the Cloud Road.

Unfortunately, history showed that only a selected few were ever qualified to set foot on the Cloud Road. For most people, that road was destined to exist only in their imaginations.

"You should know that the three of you aren't the only ones on the trial road. Since there is still a month before

Luo house. He looked around and saw a man flew out of the door and fell heavily on the ground.

The man was covered in blood and bruises from head to toe. "Grey, you're just a servant!" he shouted angrily.

The sound of a set of heavy footsteps followed. "I'm a descendant of the Luo clan. How dare you kick me out of my house?" the man yelled.

Grey emerged and stepped on the door's threshold with a smug smile on his face.

"How dare me? Do you mean I can't drive you away?" he asked.

"Okay. Do you dare step inside the door again?"

Several burly men stood next to Grey.

They looked at the child of the Luo family who sprawled on the ground with the same sarcastic expression as Grey.

This child was quite stubborn. Even though he was badly hurt, he jumped up from the ground and dashed to the gate of the Luo house.

But before he could even cross the gate, two strong men immediately followed him and caught his hands.

The two strong men were at the bone refining level, while the child of the Luo family was only at the skin refining level. He was obviously no match for these two men at all. Thus, he couldn't move when the two men seized him.

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