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   Chapter 492 A New Beginning

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Zen stood deep in thought and stared at the floor. If he had two fairy weapons, he could give one to Lily and keep the other, so their fighting capacity would increase more.

However, he wondered what kind of fairy weapon the leader would give him.

The fairy weapon came in three grades: low-grade, middle-grade, and top grade.

There was a huge difference between the low-grade and the top-grade fairy weapons.

Zen didn't expect the leader to give him a top-grade fairy weapon. After all, it didn't exist in the Eastern Region so it was unrealistic to dream of having one.

Still, he would be glad if the leader could give him a middle-grade fairy weapon.

When Kenneth noticed Zen's expectant face, he shook his head and smiled. He then clapped his hands and indicated for the stewards to bring out the weapons.

The Cloud Sect was a rich place with a long history, and it had many fairy weapons. Kenneth didn't bring out the most powerful weapon every time--the weapon's grade depended on the disciple's strength.

The Cloud Return Sword that the idiot, Evan, had chosen last time was a powerful fairy weapon--but he didn't cherish it at all. He even lost it to Yan in a bet! Kenneth felt really sorry for that sword.

This time however, Kenneth thought that he wouldn't make the same mistake and trusted that Zen would cherish the fairy weapon given to him. He had high expectations for Zen. He hoped that Zen would not only pass the trial of the Cloud Road, but also surpass the other disciples. That way, the people of Cloud Hall wouldn't trouble him anymore.

Shortly after, a dozen stewards emerged from behind the hall. They each held a long, narrow jade box in their hands.

The stewards stood in a row, and exhibited the weapons in the jade boxes in front of Zen one by one.

There were all kinds of swords in the jade boxes, and three of them were middle-grade fairy weapons! Others were all low-grade fairy weapons.

It was known that there were only a few low-grade fairy weapons even in the top seven noble clans, and there was only one middle-grade fairy weapon in each clan at most. What was more, two of the top seven noble clans didn't even have a middle-grade fairy weapon.

Furthermore, the top seven noble clans had various types of fairy weapons, including spears, knives, swords, and so on.

Kenneth knew that Zen was a swordsman, so all the weapons in the jade boxes were swords, three of which were middle-grade weapons.

There were so many swords of the fairy weapon type in the Cloud Sect. What more about the other kinds of weapons?

How many knives of the fairy weapon type were there in Cloud Sect?

And what about the spears as well? Therefore, it was safe to say that Cloud Sect was so wealthy, that maybe the Burning Sky Palace was only less than half of it.

Meanwhile, both Patrick and Rocher gasped in surprise, and then looked enviously at the swords in the boxes.

Rocher was especial

way with those swords. After all, he wasn't the first placer in Cloud Sect.

Meanwhile, Zen held the Blood Drinking Sword in his hand and waved it for a bit. Then, he put it into the Space Ring and stood next to Rocher and Patrick.

It was clear that the awarding of Zen's fairy weapon wasn't the only reason Kenneth wanted them to be with him today.

After the last steward left the hall, Kenneth took out a small square jade box from his waist and threw it to Zen.

"It's the second award, the Turbidity Clearing Pill," he told Zen.

The Turbidity Clearing Pill was a medicine that was needed to take after a disciple reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, so Zen couldn't take it for now.

When the disciples reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, every one of them would hit a bottleneck that was hard to pass through. Thus, they needed to take the Turbidity Clearing Pill to help them practice.

The preciousness of the Turbidity Clearing Pill didn't need to be explained. Only a few Turbidity Clearing Pills were produced in the Cloud Sect every year, and even those saints and elders greedily coveted it.

After Zen put the pill away, Kenneth spoke again. "The reason I called you here is that I want to talk to you about the Cloud Road," he said.

At his words, Zen, Rocher, and Patrick turned serious.

The Cloud Road was a matter of great importance for their future prospects.

Many martial artists in the Eastern Region could only reach the nature level even after they practiced for over a lifetime.

The martial artists who were nature creatures had life spans and strengths far beyond ordinary people, and they could live quite a good life in most parts of the Eastern Region.

However, as Cloud Sect's top disciples, they looked forward to making great achievements in a bigger world and not only in Cloud Sect.

Thus, passing the trial of the Cloud Road and getting into the Cloud Hall was the beginning to the bigger world!

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