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   Chapter 491 The Rewards

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"Clang!" Zen cut on Evan's sword.

As he raised his sword, Zen stopped him with another intercept. It was a basic swordsmanship, but the move was flawless.

Evan drew the sword.

"Clang!" Tension gripped him.

The senior disciple took the sword again.

"Clang!" a third time.

Everyone waited with bated breath.

But Evan was unable to perform his move. "Do not intercept my sword again, okay?

Please," he begged.

The once arrogant face turned mournful.

People watching the match heard Evan's shameless words and were shocked speechless.

Keeping the sword posture, Zen gently held the Streamer Sword and silently shook his head.

"Well in that case, there seems to be no other way.

I'll fight it out with you!" Evan shouted. There was a swift change in his facial expression. A while ago, he was pleading with Zen. In a snap, there was now a ruthless look on his face.

At the same time, Evan's sword technique also changed.

The Falling Flowers Sword was a very light and agile swordsmanship. As Evan changed to another form of swordsmanship, a powerful momentum came out of his body as his feet remained firmly fixed in the arena like a mountain god.

Taking a step to retreat, Zen's swordsmanship changed accordingly. He knew he could not block Evan's next attack with "intercept."

His opponent was strong, so he had to be stronger to subdue Evan's sword trick!

"Groundbreaking Sword!"

As Evan called out his next move, a steady and destructive sword shot out from his hand, and it was nothing like a cutter. A cutter usually went in the way of mighty and strong, but the sword typically went in the way of smart and agile. It was rare to see such powerful sword shot.

And the shot was likely to cut through the mountains and even split the earth!

As the shot was released, Zen's eyelids fluttered involuntarily, and his wrist dropped causing the sword tip to collapse.

"Flick the sword!"

Flick the sword was the most powerful move in the basic swordsmanship.

Once simplified, the power of it became even purer, and one could not escape the fate of chipping!


The sound jolted the audience.

The flash when the two swords collided was made more intense by the sudden sound heard in the arena. Then they saw a white sword spinning like a roulette wheel before falling to the ground. It became clearer to everyone that Evan's Cloud Return Sword had been flicked away.

And then to everyone's surprise, Zen was pointing the Streamer Sword's tip against Evan's chest.

Shocked at what just happened, Evan stood motionless, disbelief written all over his face. His chest was heaving as he breathed heavily. The result of the competition exceeded his expectations.

But the disciples around the arena seemed to have anticipated this scene.

Zen hadn't lost a single combat since the All Peaks Competition started.

In the swordsmanship competition, Evan had been suppressing Zen, although the tide suddenly turned in this battle. It was clear to everyone present that Zen's victory was inevitable, considering the young disciple's ability to become stronger and more powerful when facing stronger opponents, and this was Zen's most impressive characteristic.

Even Evan could not stop Zen from winning.

What an exceptional talent!

What was most unusual was the fact that Zen's performance had completely convinced everyone watching the competitio


The Cloud Palace had a very distinct architecture. Its cornice was rolled up like clouds. Were it not the home of the leader, it looked more like a fairy palace, sitting high on a mountain.

Finally, the flying chariot fully stopped on a platform in front of the palace's gate. The steward that escorted them during the ride now led them inside Cloud Palace.

In the middle of the vast palace stood Kenneth. He stood motionless like a statue, with thick air puffs coming out of him.

Zen, Patrick, and Rocher walked in together, stopped in front of Kenneth and saluted him.

The leader looked closely at the three disciples, satisfied, and nodded to acknowledge their presence. Their performances at the All Peaks Competition considerably impressed Kenneth. Both Patrick and Rocher had performed far better than the talents in previous battles.

He was disappointed last time.

That time, the first place went to that damn Evan. Although his performance was strong, Kenneth was not pleased with him.

For the last three years, his mates at Cloud Hall had been sneering at him after Evan fell asleep on Cloud Road. That depressed him a lot. This time, he was going to shock those people. Of that, he was quite confident.

He would finally shut their mouths for scoffing at him all this time!

Fortunately, the result of this All Peaks Competition did not disappoint him. Not only was he impressed by the talented Rocher, but with Patrick as well. Both of them performed strongly.

More importantly for him was that Zen took first place!

After looking over the two disciples, his eyes finally settled on Zen. "Zen Luo, there will be a Turbidity Clearing Pill for you as a reward for taking the first place. There will also be a fairy weapon for you. Now, you can choose which fairy weapon you want." His eyes twinkled while saying this.

Excitedly, Zen asked, "Fairy weapon? Can I choose the one I like?"

He couldn't stop bobbing his head in excitement at the thought of owning another fairy weapon. Because of Lily's impressive performance, Zen was desperate for another fairy weapon. She proved to be stronger than he was, as she executed the sword dance and malicious aura at the same time. So, Zen was looking forward to getting another fairy weapon.

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