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   Chapter 490 Intercept

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The competition made Yan nervous but when she saw Zen's smile, she obediently nodded. Her brother said that he had a solution in mind, so she brought out the Cloud Return Sword and gave it to Evan.

Evan stretched out his arms and took the sword. He gently stroked its snow-white body, which was made of a special material. It looked like wood, not gold or iron. However, a metallic sound could be heard when the blade was touched.

"Alas, I have no choice. I couldn't use my life vitality. With this broken mysterious weapon, I can't continue the contest. Now, it will be better after I take my Cloud Return Sword!

I think this sword wouldn't break again. I'll see how you will resist it, Zen!" he declared.

After that, Evan lightly turned his hand and the snow-white sword's shadows formed consecutive trochal disks, which ceaselessly spun around his hand.

In turn, Zen lightly shook his Streamer Sword.

"Take action," he casually said.

Evan lifted the Cloud Return Sword and shook it again, then the snow-white sword released a torrent of snow-white sword radiance.

"Defeat it!" Evan shouted.

Layers upon layers of snow-white sword radiance rolled back and forth like clouds.

Then they rushed towards Zen, the killing intention hidden well within it.

Since they were only allowed to use the sword at the competition, and no usage of life vitality or other cultivation methods was acceptable, Evan was unable to strengthen his sword, a mysterious weapon with life vitality. He knew his weapon was fragile and would suffer when it resisted Zen's fairy weapon, so he always restrained his strength and didn't dare release all of it.

Now that Evan had the Cloud Return Sword back and didn't have any hesitations, he attacked more quickly and forcefully.

When the battle ensued, Zen still defended and resisted with the circle parry!



A muffled sound, like a woodpecker boring a hole into a tree trunk, was heard when the Cloud Return Sword chopped Zen's Streamer Sword.

"You look confident and I think you've found a way, but for some reason you still defend passively. You disappoint me," Evan said with a frown as he inclined the sword radiance in his hand.

"If you go on, you will drag out your feeble existence at most. If you're forced to the edge of the competition field again, you will surely lose. Don't waste any more time. Just admit defeat, you'll even look better," Evan chuckled in a low voice.

Sword radiance after sword radiance spread like clouds from his hand once again. He waved the sword freely as it was a leisurely thing to do.

Meanwhile, Yan, who stood not far away, was confused.

Her brother appeared confident and must've found a way to resist the Falling Flowers Sword, which had endless sword

therwise, how could he be ranked number one in Cloud Sect?

It could be said that the martial arts was his greatest pride!

Everyone could laugh at his idiotic mannerisms, but nobody could look down on his cultivation on the way of martial arts.

However, what could he even do if he was depressed? Zen made sure Evan couldn't use the swordsmanship so he couldn't attack at all.

If he could summon the life vitality, he would have forced Zen's sword away and chopped him to pieces with it. However, the point was the rule had already been set and he would lose if he used the life vitality.

'Am I really inferior to Zen in the swordsmanship?' Evan thought subconsciously.

The people began to exclaim and chatter excitedly among themselves.

"Things have changed! Zen truly defeated Evan in swordplay!"

"Zen's basic swordsmanship is truly strange. If I can learn the basic swordsmanship, I can also defeat Evan with only the sword move, without using life vitality!"

"You're just bragging. Can you go up there and try?" one countered.

He added, "Everyone thinks that Evan is an idiot, but if you take him as a fool, you will be a fool. It's not a coincidence that Evan has been the number one."

Zen had successfully turned the tables, and it was beyond the hundred thousand spectators' expectations. After all, Zen was forced by Evan's sword to the left side of the competition field, then to the right, then left again. Zen was so patient and calm that he only hit back when it was almost his last step.

In the crowd, Yan couldn't help but nod appreciatively as she watched her brother's performance. She didn't misjudge him--he had found a way, but she didn't expect that he would resist so strongly that Evan lost the power to fight back.

This time, it was Zen's turn to force Evan to the corner of the competition field.

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