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   Chapter 489 Broken Sword (Part Two)

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The senior disciple's sword clinked again and a thousand flowers formed to launch countless attacks. He had much faith in his skills and didn't think Zen could see through his rapid moves. The only outcome he saw for Zen was defeat.

Also watching from not far away was Elder Ge, who shook his head at what he saw. Zen was a good disciple and a skillful fighter, but he was no match for Evan, yet. Even though they were competing in swordsmanship, Evan's energy storage gave him the advantage. The combat wasn't fair for Zen.

Up until that point, Zen had blocked two of Evan's attacks. But he had reached his limit and was close to the extreme. All he could manage now was the defensive posture "circle parry", but had no other means to attack.

In a sword fight, defense was often the worst. Many textbooks said that "the best defense is offense". Thus many swordplay schools had even abandoned teaching defensive skills and instead focused on offensive skills. As long as opponents were pinned down during a fierce attack, victory for the one with the upper hand was inevitable.

That was Evan's current strategy. He intended to disrupt Zen with his quick attacks, then defeat him at the third attack!

But just as everyone thought Zen would lose the fight, all of a sudden, something happened.

"Clink, cli - clunk!"

As Evan's attacks were deflected, the tinkling sound continued to ring, when all of a sudden, a loud clunk permeated the air causing the entire combat field to vibrate. It was Evan's sword, and it had cracked during collision, its front half gone.


Evan held the broken sword and stood frozen in a posture for attack. His eyes nearly popped out of shock.

Everyone stared at him in silence, Zen included.

No one expected to see this happen! What kind of fighter broke his weapon in the middle of a fight? Was that not being irresponsible and unprofessional?

From where she stood, Yan giggled and gloated.

Only she knew the reason

. Her brows were raised to mock Evan.

"Oh no, no! I didn't say that. I mean, you're the current owner of the Cloud Return Sword. Can I borrow your Cloud Return Sword, please?" The senior disciple knew he had to ask nicely. After all, he had lost the sword to Yan, and he had to rely on her mercy to use it again.

His tone pleased Yan, and she looked at him with a smile of satisfaction. But as Evan thought she was about to lend him the sword, her smile disappeared. She answered coldly, "No, you can't."

"Goo...what? What did you say? You said no? You piece of..." Evan felt like swearing but held back his tongue. Yan was his last hope. And Cloud Return Sword was originally his weapon, which he used for a long time. The sword was so familiar to him like it was a part of his body. Using it again would give him the edge. And submitting to humiliation was his only choice.

But the true reason for refusing Evan was simple. Yan had spotted Zen immersed in meditation and she knew he was thinking of ways to defeat Evan. She was simply buying him time.

The fight was not a fair competition. And it was reasonable for her to help her brother to win.

As neither could convince the other, Zen decided to interrupt. He opened his eyes and with a confident smile suggested to Yan, "Let him borrow the sword."

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