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   Chapter 488 Broken Sword (Part One)

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Despite the occasional madness, Evan still was the strongest opponent Zen had ever encountered.

Chances were Zen would have long been defeated if refinement techniques or life vitality was allowed in this battle.

After all, there was a gap in inner energy between the two fighters. Undoubtedly, Zen's foundation was solid, and this made him stronger than other warriors in the same stage. But Evan was solid in foundation, too. He didn't raise his energy abruptly through pills, but accumulated strength through regular exercise and practice.

However, Zen wasn't frustrated that Evan was stronger than him. He knew that if he worked hard enough, he would also reach the sixth stage of the Illuminating Soul Realm. And in time, he would reap greater achievements than what Evan had accomplished.

But improving his level was not the primary goal. Right now, his focus should be on the sword fight.

"The swordsmanship you are employing is very unusual. The basic swordsmanship is already the simplest form when using a sword, but yours seems to be even simpler than the basic. I don't know how you managed that, but I know there's always a way to crack it!"

That said, Evan straightened himself and poised for another attack. As he held himself and charged for the strike, his mental aura was so strong no one dared to look him in the eye. At that moment, Evan was a completely different person, nothing like the aimless, silly, dignified, and proud fighter he was known to be.

And the change was so abrupt that it caught the audience by surprise. Not many were capable of understanding what was happening.

"I will conquer your simplest swordsmanship technique with a most complicated one!" he declared. And as he started to attack, the sword in his hand began to shake violently.

Suddenly, it tinkled, and as it continued to make noise, the sword vibrated harder, leaving numerous images of a sword around it.

Like thousands of peonies blooming simultaneously, under Evan's careful control, the shadows of swords took shape. They formed thousands of flowers made of swords, which were as beautiful as they wer

brilliance in martial arts, his prudent use of his unique skills pulled out of his sleeve.

If Zen had stepped into the consummation stage of nature level, he wouldn't have to rely on his present skills to defeat others. At that stage, when a fighter's energy storage was full, any surplus energy could be used to nurture his or her soul. And the fighter would acquire the power to communicate with the universe.

And if he could enter the Illuminating Soul Realm, more significant changes would happen to him. His strengths, reactions, eyesight, and sense of timing and coordination would be further enhanced.

Lost in thought, Yan quickly shook her head to return to the situation at hand. Her brother's eyesight was keen. If he entered the Illuminating Soul Realm, the Falling Flowers Sword would be nothing to him. He would easily notice the flaws the moment Evan executed his first move. But her brother needed to grow further, so for now, Evan remained too powerful an adversary for him.


The new attack had Zen taking several more steps back.

At the moment, he was not far from the edge of the combat field. If backed into a corner and left with no room for retreat, he would no doubt lose the fight.

Gaining advantage again, Evan burst into laughter.

With a big smile, he yelled at Zen, "You seem to be out of tricks.

You and your sword are beaten!" That said, he sneered.

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