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   Chapter 487 The Laughingstock

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Like Evan, the remaining one hundred thousand Cloud Sect disciples were shocked by what they saw!

Everyone knew Zen was exceptional at the basic swordsmanship. However, Evan had foolishly boasted in front of all disciples that he wouldn't need to unsheathe his sword in his fight against Zen. He must have been out of his mind!

But, the sad fact was, most of the disciples had the same mindset as Evan.

Earlier, when some of the disciples had seen Zen's fundamental swordsmanship, they were impressed, and spoke highly of his basic swordsmanship. When that was passed along, it became deeply rooted in the minds of the rest disciples, which made them feel Evan's bragging and looking down on Zen ridiculous.

Thus, they had been waiting, on edge, to watch Evan fail, and would be equally thrilled if Evan yielded to Zen.

At that moment, all those one hundred thousand disciples shared a single thought, 'You always boast about yourselves, just because you are a personal disciple. Do you think you're invincible? Now, let's see how you handle Zen and his swordsmanship! Wait and see, you will submit to Zen, and admit that he is your master!'

Evan was feeling embarrassed that he had talked big and regretted it thoroughly since he wasn't able to walk the walk.

How on earth was Zen's basic swordsmanship so seemingly exceptional?

There was no other swordsmanship that was more ordinary than what Zen had adopted. It was only horizontal stab, and that, to be honest, was the most straightforward, yet simplest move used in basic swordsmanship.

An opponent using this style of swordsmanship could be easily outmaneuvered by shooting the sword out. Horizontal stabbing was the first move that most swordsmen studied first. To lay a solid foundation for future swordsmanship skills, a juvenile usually practiced horizontal stabbing at least a thousand to ten thousand times.

It was just the horizontal stabbing move, so, why was Evan finding it impossible to dodge in any direction from the assault?

It appeared to be just the basic swordsmanship. How was it possible for Zen's moves to be this awesome? Evan felt like he was going crazy.

Naturally, he didn't know Zen had done brilliantly in the All Peaks Competition purely using the basic swordsmanship. Zen only adopted simple swordsmanship, yet, it was challenging for Evan to dodge. A hundred thousand disciples watching thought it was natural for Evan to be in a difficult situation.

It seemed it was only Evan who wasn't aware of Zen's extraordinary performance so far at the All Peaks Competition utilizing just his basic swordsmanship.

After all, Evan had outperformed everyone using his strength since three years ago and was the most talented disciple in Cloud Sect.

Since then, his strength had enhanced greatly.

Noticing the razor sharp blade slashing the air as it headed towards him, Evan unconsciously reached for his sword. Recalling his promise, he stopped himself, and instead turned abruptly, contorting his body and barely escaping Zen's attack.

Just now, Evan had managed to avoid Zen's first sword attack, but it put him in an extremely awkward position. Then came Zen's second strike! A third sword attack followed! Then, the fourth sword attack...

Evan's head cleared, and he realized he w


"Ha!" Not far off, Yan couldn't stifle the laugher when she heard Evan calling Zen his master. As she laughed, her chest and waist bounced, trembling like a paper flower.

Many times, Evan had lost bets, and yielded to Yan, calling her "Queen". Now, as promised, he was calling Zen "Master". But, it was Evan's own fault! So, Evan didn't deserve pity from anyone!

The silence broken by Yan became an uproar as most of the disciples burst out laughing too. Their uproarious laughter echoed throughout the field, ringing in Evan's ears! How sensational the laughingstock was!

Evan blushed as blood rushed to his cheeks. He was more furious when he saw Zen smiling and knowingly nodding at him.

'I'm your senior in Cloud Sect. I just called you "My Master", and are you so shameless that you responded by nodding in agreement? Well, I will make you regret that!'

After the roaring laughter gradually died down, Evan added, "Yes, I underestimated you earlier. Now, I'd like to fight with you again, but, this time with swords. The loser will acknowledge the winner as his superior, and address him as "Master" whenever we meet in the future. Zen, do you accept my challenge?"

Zen was stunned! He listened to what Evan said and stood there dumbfounded while firmly glaring at Evan.

All one hundred thousand disciples stared at Evan in shock with their mouths agape....

Evan was behaving like a fool, even now. Zen had agreed to decide the winner of the All Peaks Competition based on swordsmanship. Now, Evan was making another outrageous request?

Evan realized his request was a little rude. He felt he couldn't do more than grit his teeth and add, "Well, I can't force you to, but, let's formally fight against each other using swordsmanship techniques!"

As soon as Evan finished speaking his mind, his long sword trembled, and he pointed the tip at Zen! Suddenly, Evan's face turned hard.

Even though it was only a mysterious weapon, Evan looked extraordinary, as if the weapon he held were a fairy or sacred weapon.

Zen felt as if Evan was like the Iceni on Killing Sword Mountain. Since Evan was a senior disciple at Cloud Sect, he could not be a simpleton!

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