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   Chapter 486 My Master

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Evan Li dreaded meeting Yan like a rat feared a cat.

At that time, Yan was the top disciple at the Lady Peak. She had excellent talent and was exceptionally strong. Yan was comparable to the personal disciples in terms of strength.

The difference between Yan and Zen was how they had become famous.

Zen became a powerful and well-known disciple all of a sudden. Before that, his extraordinary talent and strength had been known only by a few people, including Roger Meng, Zachary Zhao, and the disciples of the Drizzle Peak.

While Yan had gained popularity differently. She had been granted special admission to Cloud Sect on account of her talent. She had been taken good care of since she became a disciple of Cloud Sect. Most people at Cloud Sect watched her and protected her. As a matter of fact, she had faced almost no obstacles during her time at Cloud Sect.

The only trouble Yan suffered was that she had to handle numerous pursuers.

Yan was as pretty as a fairy. She was nice to everybody around her, and so everyone liked her. Since she had tremendous talent, Cloud Sect regarded her as one of the most important disciples. A girl as perfect as Yan, of course, was attractive to the young disciples of Cloud Sect.

Disciples without outstanding strength, talent, or powerful background did not dare to express their feelings to her, as Yan was too excellent.

So only the elite disciples from the top seven noble clans dared to convey their interest in Yan.

Fancy Yun, Yun Clan's young master had been Yan's most ardent admirer. In the end, Fancy Yun paid a painful price—Yan cut off his penis. And that was why Cloud Sect claimed to have imprisoned Yan at Hell Mountain.

Evan, one of the most outstanding personal disciples, also admired Yan at that time. But Evan always behaved kind of dottily, and some disciples egged him on to purse Yan and to tease her at the same.

At that time, Evan was at the top of the Cloud Sect disciple list. That meant he was the strongest disciple among all disciples at Cloud Sect. Yan had found it challenging to cope with Evan.

But Yan was smart and found a way to lure Evan to bet with her.

Evan was very strong, and his talent was far beyond that of other disciples. Even in such a huge sect, his skills and talents would ensure his promotion to principal disciple.

Since he had won the final fight of the last All Peak Competition, he had the chance to pass Cloud Road and enter Cloud Hall.

It was said that Evan did go to Cloud Road, but during the examination, he felt tired and actually fell asleep...

Being selected for Cloud Road was a dream that all disciples of Cloud Sect shared, re

es, including Yan, and the masters looked at Evan as if he was a fool.

They shook their heads and thought, 'Evan is really a fool.'

Evan had cultivated in isolation for a long while. He hadn't had the chance to watch the process of the All Peak Competition. But most disciples had viewed it from the arena or through the Picture Slab.

Zen had impressed everyone except Evan with his mysterious and powerful basic sword skills.

Although Evan's position was high on the disciple list, none of the disciples thought Zen would lose if they only fought with sword skills. On the contrary, they believed that even with Evan's skills, a draw would be the best result he could achieve.

And now he wanted to battle Zen without a sword. He hadn't considered that Zen could force him to use his sword. If Zen did, did he actually consider calling Zen "My Master"? He was really naive!

Previously, Evan had to suffer the humiliation of calling Yan, My Queen. If Zen were to defeat him, wouldn't Evan look twice as foolish?

Since Evan insisted on acting like an idiot all the time, no one reminded him of his past mistake. That meant that Evan had made a trap for himself and that he would step in it without any hesitation.

"Okay. Since you insist, let's begin," Zen replied. Zen didn't want to say anything else to Evan. As soon as he finished speaking, Zen attacked.

Zen's first move was the most common one, stabbing levelly with all his strength focused on the tip of the sword. This sword skill was called horizontal stab.

Evan had been indifferent at first. He was so confident that he believed he could avoid the attack with his eyes closed. Just as Evan took his first step, his face paled.

"Gosh! This is..." At this moment, Evan's expression changed.

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