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   Chapter 485 My Queen (Part Two)

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Elder Ge also hesitated at the moment. Evan's case was really special. He was indeed registered on the list of eligible disciples to participate in this year's Competition, but he had been practicing in his secret chamber and had showed up only at the end of the competition.

"Just allow him to fight! There's nothing special about it! Isn't it just one more match?" one disciple bellowed.

"We want to see it! Evan is also Cloud Sect's disciple. Why can't he attend the All Peaks Competition?" one more disciple bellowed, rather unwilling to lose such a good opportunity to watch another wonderful match.

"Yeah. Seconded! Why can't he be allowed? It doesn't make any difference to have one more match!" another disciple added loudly.

At this crucial moment, several disciples began to kick up a fuss about it.

From their points of view, if they could watch one more match, especially the one between Evan Li and Zen Luo, it would have been a great bonus for them! After all, they had each spent a point on the All Peaks Competition, and although Evan really looked like an idiot, it could not be denied that he was really powerful.

Immediately, a hundred thousand disciples of Cloud Sect got thrilled and began to chant, spontaneously and repeatedly, "One more fight!". Looking down at the enthusiastic audiences, Elder Ge gradually wavered, but there were still some thoughts in his mind that held him back. Of course, Zen had already created so many miracles. But since he and Evan were not at all at the same level of strength, Zen had no chance of winning this competition, which meant it would not be a fair competition. In fact, he had half a belief that Evan was trying to bully Zen.

While seeing so many people were supporting him, Evan stared at Zen arrogantly, as if he were looking at a little weak sheep. He impatiently said again, "Elder Ge, look at that! Everyone is waiting for this fight. I think you should make the decision as soon as possible!"

Just then, things took a dramatic turn!

Yan, who had been standing outside the battle ring, suddenly walked inside and yelled furiously, "Evan Li!"

When Evan heard his name called out, his eyebrows narrowed. He had heard this voice before. Suddenly, he remembered exactly who would make such a voice and his face changed abruptly. A bitter expression appeared on his face. He asked in a trembling voice, "You, you are…"

"You dare call me d

n pure swordplay."

In fact, Elder Ge had witnessed Zen's basic swordplay. As someone whose strength was not top among the elders, he still had a decent ranking and knew a thing or two. Thus, it was easy for him to know that Zen's swordplay was really formidable. Therefore, he supported Yan's proposal. Apparently, he was also trying to set up a trap for Evan.

Patrick, standing next to Elder Ge, also had a secret smile inside. He had competed against Zen, so he obviously knew what was going on. 'This time, I believe that Evan definitely will fall into a well-set trap as he has never had the chance to figure out the real strength of Zen's swordplay before. It's true that Evan can beat Zen if they use their real strength to compete. However, in terms of pure swordplay? Hahaha…Evan, you are staring complete failure in the face, ' he thought happily and stealthily.

"Compete in pure swordplay?" Evan replied carelessly, rubbing his nose. "I, Evan, have never been afraid of anyone in pure swordplay! All right! This final match will be a competition of our swordsmanship skills only!"

Previously, as Yan had seen Zen condense his sword spirit, she speculated that Zen's attainments in swordsmanship were certainly not low, but she had not seen the formidable powers that lay behind that talent. The reason she had put forward such a proposal was that she simply didn't want to see Evan defeat Zen with a dominating advantage and strength in the competition.

What she didn't know was that she had inadvertently set up a trap for Evan, just as what she had done years ago to defeat and tease him.

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