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   Chapter 484 My Queen (Part One)

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The way in which Evan had showed up abruptly was so peculiar and at the same, laughably stupid, that the over one hundred thousand audiences on site were dumbfounded.

Since he could fly in the sky, it was reasonable to believe that his strength was at least above the level of Illuminating Soul Realm. And being able to step into the level of Illuminating Soul Realm was adequate to show that his talents were by no means weak or limited. If so, the audience was bewildered as to why he acted like an idiot just now?

"Who is this idiot on earth?" Finally, one of the disciples couldn't help it and burst out due to strong confusion.

"Hush, keep it down. Don't call him names. Didn't you see Patrick was respectful to him just now? If my guess is right, he is the famous Evan Li. He is more powerful than Patrick!" another disciple scolded in a low voice.

"Isn't he supposed to be practicing martial arts in his secret chamber these days? What's he doing here? Has he finished practicing and come out already? Hang on. That might also mean that the All Peaks Competition's not finished yet?" the former disciple asked, now looking pretty excited.

After the disciples had witnessed that Zen had defeated Patrick, or rather, Patrick had admitted defeat, they had begun waiting for one of the elders to announce the rankings and changes of the entire Cloud Sect List. Not in their farthest dreams had they expected the famous Evan would show up abruptly at the end of the competition.

Now they became thrilled and began to look forward to the stunning competition which might take place between Zen and Evan if they agreed.

After all, a hundred thousand disciples of Cloud Sect had each spent a point, which equaled to two cubic crystals as well as the whole asset of an ordinary family in an ordinary county to come and watch the competition on site. They wouldn't have wanted it to end just like that!

Yet, seeing Evan's behavior which was much like a dumb person, the members of the audience were worried whether the competition would ever start or not.

"Hey, Patrick! Look at you so gloomy. You look like a dead fish. Did you just lose?" Evan asked with a stupid smile on his face. He always

any of the related competitions.

With his earlier strength level, he did have the qualification to participate in the All Peaks Competition. But that was a little while ago. When he had walked out from his secret chamber, his strength had leapt directly from the third grade of Illuminating Soul Realm to the sixth grade. This was not only beyond the capped requirement, but also very slightly weaker than the topmost grade of Illuminating Soul Realm. That was to say, it wasn't going to be a long time before his realm became comparable to the saints, or even the elders with relatively weaker strength.

What was more, it was well known that Evan had a solid foundation. This was unlike many saints and elders in the Cloud Sect who were unable to make breakthroughs after a particular level, and therefore had to achieve their current strength only with the aid of well-refined pills. In terms of real strength, he might not be too far from them.

Under the above situation, it was obviously not fair to allow Evan to attend the All Peaks Competition.

"No! Elder Ge! No matter if I am alive or dead, I will always be Cloud Sect's disciple. Why do you want to remove me from the List? Please! I really want to attend this year's All Peaks Competition and I really have to! Although I have made breakthroughs, my name is still on this year's list of All Peaks Competition Participants, right?" Evan argued strongly, trying to convince Elder Ge and the others.

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