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   Chapter 483 The Way Evan Came On Stage (Part Two)

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For example, the golden bell defense that he had used in the beginning was of no use when faced with Zen's extraordinarily strong power. After that, he had used the move of the Diamond-like Body, but even that hadn't been able to shake Zen's spiritual weapon like body at all.

And then he had tried the Acalanatha Shadow, which was supposed to deliver quite a fight for Zen since he wouldn't have been able to find a way out.

But at that moment, out of nowhere, Zen's sword spirit Lily had showed up with the sword dance, using her malicious aura to its upmost. Even the Heavenly Punishment Sword was supposed to be no match for the Acalanatha Shadow, but Lily's sword dance had beat it easily anyway.

It had actually taken Zen himself by surprise as he didn't have any idea why and how Lily was so powerful.

And then it came to Patrick's best card—Green Lotus Karma Fire. Anyone who saw it would have thrown in the towel immediately. How could a human body stand that furious fire?

Patrick never could have expected that his best card would turn out to be the reason he would call it quits.

It just happened that Zen was not afraid of any kind of fire. Instead, his body craved fire to refine itself and make itself stronger. The Karma Fire was hell to others, but to Zen, it was like Alice's wonderland. He couldn't like it more; to Patrick's chagrin, he absorbed every bit of it like an alcoholic enjoying a glass of beer.

If it wasn't for that, Patrick wouldn't have lost.

"Patrick, there's no need to feel frustrated. It's not that I am stronger than you. It just happens that some of your best mo

been broken. But the man held his head with both of his hands and twisted it with a sharp crack. It sprang into position again and now, he looked relaxed and comfortable.

The young man, in his twenties, looked handsome in some ways but not all. There was something strange about his features—his eyes, nose, and mouth somehow didn't look right together, and sometimes they even seemed funny.

The way he had showed up in front of everyone was embarrassing, even shameful. But no one was going to laugh at him or doubt his strength. Anyone else who had hit the floor head first would have died immediately of blunt force trauma; but this young man had survived unscathed, which was clear proof that he was no ordinary person.

Patrick let out a sigh. The man had a habit of always showing up in such unusual ways, causing absolute chaos. But still, he greeted him politely, "Nice to see you, Evan."

So that was it! The young man was actually Evan Li, the real top disciple of the Cloud Sect ranking and supposedly the most powerful disciple in the entire Cloud Sect.

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