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   Chapter 482 The Way Evan Came On Stage (Part One)

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For several years now, ever since he had started practicing Buddhist cultivation method, Patrick had been proud of his emotional stability, more so than his strength.

As someone who had been an Acalanatha in his previous incarnation, he was more stable than anyone else in the world could be. No matter how serious the problem was, he could have dealt with it calmly. As the old saying goes, the Buddha is in one's heart rather than anywhere else. This essentially meant that taking it easy and remaining calm was the way of the Buddhist method. As an expert practitioner, his heart was always like a lake, placid and still.

But today was the day of the storm. Today, the lake was not calm as usual. First there were a lot of ripples and then a large wave had come. With increasing temperature, it was now nearing an active volcano.

Patrick felt like he was going to puke blood. How on earth was Zen doing that?

The Green Lotus Karma Fire was the very definition of Hell on Earth. It was extremely powerful and had no defense! Patrick didn't need to be told just how dangerous it was.

He would have felt a lot better if Zen had merely used some secret weapons or some new move to defend himself from the Green Lotus Karma Fire temporarily, but the problem was that he wasn't afraid of it at all. It was almost as if the flame was nothing to him. And the worst part was that there were even whirlpools around Zen that pulled the Karma Fire into themselves.

This was unacceptable for anyone in the world.

When he was fighting against Rocher, Patrick hadn't really shown his cards. He was keeping them safe because as far as he was concerned, th

Finally the last bit of fire was gone. The whole arena was clear again.

Zen's expressions became pleased and happy as a new spiritual texture appeared on his chest due to Patrick's Green Lotus Karma Fire. Now he had three of them which meant that his body had been refined to a top-grade spiritual weapon.

Another such symbol and his body would probably become a fairy weapon! He wondered what that would be like!

After he saw everything that had happened, Patrick shook his head. "Let's stop!" he said curtly, deciding to give up the fight. Although there were several moves that he hadn't used yet, but if Zen had blocked the Green Lotus Karma Fire, Patrick didn't think it would make any difference or indeed, much sense, if he went on fighting.

He actually felt unlucky to have Zen as his rival.

Zen had also defeated Rocher earlier on in the competition, but Rocher hadn't lost as badly as Patrick, who was supposed to be better than him.

An important reason for this was that Zen had defeated, absorbed, or defended all of Patrick's deadliest moves without flinching.

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