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   Chapter 481 Going Crazy

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Evil Karma could scorch a person like fire, so the name of Karma Fire was given. That was a purely evil fire, which among other things, was also the name of the fire set in hell by the guilty.

In Buddhism, there were two kinds of fire that were the most powerful, both equally as strong. One was the Emptiness Fire of the Bodhisattvas and the other was the Karma Fire.

Known to all were the unimaginable virtuous merits of the Bodhisattvas, and how karma touched all creatures was unfathomable.

"I believe the green lotus lives in a corrupted, evil world, but it remains unaffected. It yearns to burn everything throughout the world and turn it into hell with endlessly burning fires..."

The burning Green Lotus Karma Fire that appeared in Patrick's hand, divided into two flames. One was large, and the other was small. The small one had hundreds of lotus blossoms and tried to burn Lily, while the vast Green Lotus Karma Fire in Acalanatha's virtual shadow hand immediately slammed to the ground.

The power of the Green Lotus Karma Fire was incomprehensible.

After the small Karma Fire lunged at the normally malicious, aggressive Lily, she lost the spirit to fight, unexpectedly.

Although Lily had much malicious aura, and she wasn't weak, there was no way she would be able to resist for long. Zen saw that and got her to retreat with the Steamer Sword.

Lily transformed into blips of bright light before re-entering Zen's body, and Zen quickly placed the Streamer Sword into his space ring.

Step by step, Zen fought Patrick, and forcibly made him release the fires.

The commoners were enraged, and blood splattered all around within five steps. If the emperor was furious, millions of people would die! Everything worldwide would burn when the Buddha was seething.

The Green Lotus Karma Fire spread with an overwhelming momentum making it hard for the Cloud Sect's hundred thousand disciples on the field to breathe. There was screaming and yelling as they panicked, bolting and trampling each other as they scurried for safety.

Some disciples were smarter.

They watched the others as though it were a play, even though, if the Green Lotus Karma Fire kept burning, everything would turn into dust. Such things had occurred several times before, when battles on the competition field injured spectating disciples, like the time the dragon roared during Zen's competition against Jacques, which left many disciples at the All Peaks Competition wounded.

Although the competing disciples at the All Peaks Competition were the top ranked of each peak, there were about a hundred thousand disciples watching them today, and they were much weaker than the ones before. If they hadn't run they would be burned to dust now.

However, the Buddha was able to restrain the Karma Fire and wouldn't

as us, and yet, she is brazen enough to confront an elder, and her momentum isn't inferior..."

"Is that his woman? It looks like she's trying to save Zen. Why are all his women so powerful? It's not fair!"

There was no doubt that every elder at the Cloud Sect was monstrous, and a hundred years old at least, so they couldn't be weak, but, Yan didn't even think about that.

Yan and the elder were about to battle, when someone suddenly shouted, "WHAT?! Look! Everyone, look! I think I just saw Zen!"

"Really?! Zen wasn't turned into ashes by the Karma Fire? Huh? Wow! And check it out! His body is shining bright like a golden light. Has this guy cultivated the Body of the Diamond-like State?" said another onlooker as he stared over at Zen.

Yan turned towards the onlooker, and then, following his stare, she looked out and saw her brother. As expected, Zen was bathed in a golden light. Enveloped in the flames of the Green Lotus Karma Fire, Zen was unharmed, and tiny golden whirlpools covering his body seemed to be absorbing the flames touching him?!

The Karma Fire power was so horrific though, so, how was her brother able to absorb the fires into himself? How could his organs bear the burning of the Karma Fire?

Yan was puzzled that Zen wasn't being injured by the Green Lotus Karma Fires, but, she was also relieved to see he was okay. She looked at the elder with a seemingly apologetic look.

Looking down at the slight frame of the girl, the elder couldn't stay mad, and let it go. He shook his head, believing the girl just cared too much for Zen.

Amidst the Karma Fire Hell, Patrick felt as though he'd fallen into an ice house! He couldn't feel the heat of the Karma Fires, and stared blankly at Zen...

'This guy isn't even afraid of the Karma Fire? And now he is actually absorbing the fire?' Patrick thought he must be going crazy.

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