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   Chapter 480 Karma Fire

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Lily hailed from the Demon Night. She had slender legs and malicious aura. After Zen's visit to the Killing Sword Mountain, she became his sword spirit.

Zen commanded Lily to take the sword and attack while he evaded attacks from the two palms! There was no time for Zen to think about other things, as the slightest distraction would lead to a mistake, and the two big palms would hit Zen!

But, when Zen could not avoid Acalanatha's palms, he caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye and was shocked!

Lily began to rotate as soon as she held the Streamer Sword. At the same time, her malicious aura formed a helix, as if a storm were materializing around her, and then rushed to Patrick at high speed.

She seemed to be dancing. And the sword was a prop in her dance—a dance that brought death...

"W-ha-t, what is this sword trick?" Zen was dazed.

Although Lily was Zen's sword spirit, he didn't know her. So far, Zen had summoned her and then attached her to his sword.

Aside from her enchanting appearance, Lily was no different from the other sword spirits Zen had seen on the Killing Sword Mountain.

Zen had encountered a variety of sword spirits while at the Killing Sword Mountain. These varied from primary forms of sword spirits that had no shape at all, to only being points of light. And as Zen climbed higher, the sword spirits became more advanced—many sword spirits had forms, of which the most common was the human form.

Even so, these sword spirits were near-mindless. Basically, they could not speak, and their faces lacked expressions.

Except for Iceni whom Zen had encountered at the end. Iceni manipulated his sword spirit by injecting a touch of his soul into it.

But there was no soul inside Lily. This was why Zen felt strange when she used such an unusual attack skill after Zen summoned her!

As Lily spun faster and faster, the number of malicious aura spirals increased.

In the beginning, Patrick didn't care too much about Zen's sword spirit. All he needed to do was concentrate on driving the body of Acalanatha. As for the sword spirit, even if she were holding the Streamer Sword, all Patrick had to do was dodge her attacks.

It was beyond Patrick's expectation that Zen's sword spirit could control a sword so skillfully.

What was this sword trick? It was a dance! The difference was that Lily was using a sword trick in her sword dance. She had a real sword!

Unsure of whether he could escape from Lily's unusual sword dance, Patrick had to withdraw a palm from his attack on Zen and aim it at Lily.

After one of the hands was withdrawn, the pressure on Zen reduced. Patrick could not juggl

t Sword.

Lily knew sword tricks and used the power of the unusual sword dance to exert the malicious aura efficiently. This was what Zen had not thought of doing.

In other words, Lily seemed stronger than Zen...

Under the situation, Patrick was finally forced to the edge of the fight field.

Behind him was the light curtain formed by the enchanted barrier. He was left with only two options, accept defeat or face Lily's sword dance.

In other words, he had no way back.

Seeing that Lily was nearing, Patrick closed his palms again. There was a Buddha seal in his eye, a golden Buddha seal.

"Suffering in the body is good for the mind. Do not be shaken by the outside world. Allow no distraction in the heart..."

Patrick began chanting. As Lily's sword dance approached, he seemed to give up resistance.

But the Buddha seal in his eye suddenly broke, and its contents filled the pupil of his right eye. It now appeared as though his right eye was shining with gold.

Everyone knew that Patrick was about to make a big move.

But Patrick had already applied the Acalanatha's virtual shadow. What else could be stronger than the Acalanatha's virtual shadow?

Of course, after the golden light bloomed in his right eye, the right eye of the Acalanatha's virtual shadow from behind him was also filled with the golden light. And under the shining golden light, the broken palm of Acalanatha's virtual shadow was condensed again.

The moment the palm was condensed, Patrick once again put his hands together. When he pulled them apart, a flame appeared in his hands. It was a black cyan flame.

The action corresponded with the palm of the Acalanatha's virtual shadow—a bigger cyan flame appeared between the giant palms!

"Green Lotus Karma Fire!"

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