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   Chapter 477 The Power Of His Fist

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Zen stood in the middle of the field and waved at Yan in front of a hundred thousand disciples of Cloud Sect. His action caught their attentions.

"Who is over there? Who is Zen greeting?"

To satisfy their curiosity, the disciples looked in the direction Zen was waving at.

And they saw a beautiful girl in a veil. Slender and tall, she was as graceful as a dustless cyan lotus.

Although she had veiled her face, her bright eyes were charming enough to catch everyone's attention.

"Who is that girl? She is so pretty!" one disciple exclaimed.

"I have never seen her before," another disciple answered. "Her eyes are so bewitching! I imagine everyone will be swept off their feet by her exquisite features if she removes her veil."

"Take off her veil? Would you dare? Although she has hidden her cultivation base, I am sure she is no less capable than the others. At least you're no match for her."

"Alas! Zen is so lucky. If only I could meet such a beautiful girl!"

The disciples spoke in hushed tones, and their voices were full of envy and jealousy.

Sensing so many eyes on her, Yan felt a little nervous. After all, she hadn't seen such a magnificent spectacle for a long time.

Nina glared at the beautiful veiled woman.

Since paying just one point would enable her to watch the match from the arena's side, she decided not to miss it. One point was nothing to her. But she was surprised to see Zen waving at a woman after she arrived at the scene.

Nina had never seen any woman around Zen before. But since the All Peaks Competition began, Zen was often surrounded by women. Nina pouted, full of displeasure.

She didn't know that the veiled woman was Zen's sister, Yan. She was jealous for the wrong reason.

While the disciples were talking about the mysterious woman, Patrick entered the field.

In his last fight with Rocher, he had summoned Acalanatha to defend against Rocher's Heavenly Punishment Sword that was with Extreme Thunder Sword Intent.

The power that he had showed in that fight was so awesome that it impressed everyone.

It was not until then did they realize that Patrick had hidden his strength so well. It was no exaggeration to say that Cloud Sect was really full of unnoticed talents. Patrick was still so young, but he had so much power, and he was the reincarnation of Acalanatha! People had every reason to believe that his future achievements might not be less than Cloud Sect's leader, Kenneth.

As for Zen, the disciples regarded him with an uneasy sense of foreboding.

Although Zen had also beaten Rocher and owned the sword spirit, the arm was no match for the thigh. How could he compete with Patrick, who was the reincarnation of Acalanatha? There were many extensive and profound mysteries in Buddhism. Cultivating according to the Buddhist doctrine, Patrick had achieved a strong cultivation base. Although Zen was outstanding, he paled in comparison with Patrick, no matter in his martial arts level or the strength that he had shown.

"Somehow, I have the feeling that Zen is going to win," said a disciple.

Then another disciple echoed his words, "I have the same feeling, although when Zen fought with Rocher, the power that Zen

Patrick would be fierce, and many disciples would come to watch the competition. To avoid accidents, they had reinforced the light curtain in advance. Therefore, even after such a violent impact, the enchantment only slightly wobbled and did not break.

"Zen pushed Patrick away with merely a fist! It is a miracle!" a disciple said with a startled look on his face.

"You don't favor Patrick? Well, what can I say to you?" said another disciple who assumed that Zen would win. "And this is not the first time. I guess Patrick is going to show his tour de force and I bet Zen will be able to fight back."

"Zen is nothing without his strength. It is too soon to assume his victory. And Patrick hasn't fully exerted his strengths and skills yet."

"But do you know what the limitations of Zen's strength are? He hasn't even used life vitality."

More and more people engaged in a discussion. Gradually some of them began to quarrel, and the dispute turned into a verbal battle.

Among the bickering disciples, only one person stayed aloof. Zachary. Keeping his hands behind his back, he said with a flicker of a smile, "Proceed with your arguing, for all I care. Anyway, I have made enough money."

In the final round, Zachary didn't gamble on Zen or Patrick. He had bet his money on Zen in every match, and he had won every bet. His wealth now could only be described as immeasurable. His banker in the gambling game had gone bankrupt.

Learning from that lesson, other people chose not to gamble with Zachary if he bet on Zen. No one knew whether Zen would continue to win. If Zen should lose, well, they would be relieved. But if he won, they would also go bankrupt as Zachary had a lot of money to wager with.

So Zachary didn't really care who was going to win. He had won enough money, anyway. And he might be the only one among the whole Cloud Sect who became a moneybags after the All Peaks Competition. He owed his wealth to Zen, and so he genuinely hoped that Zen would win.

As Patrick picked himself up from the floor, a serious expression passed over his face. He had never felt as embarrassed as he did at that moment.

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