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   Chapter 476 Return Home For Revenge (Part Two)

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Some talented cultivators would choose not to boost their progress. On the contrary, they would suppress their level until it could not be suppressed and then they could make a natural breakthrough in their current level!

Although Zen's level was improving very slowly, a major reason was that he had not taken any well-refined pill. So far, he was at the second grade of the nature level, but his foundation was far more stable and solid than other cultivators.

However, after the All Peaks Competition, Zen had a subtle feeling that he was about to make a breakthrough, and this feeling was growing stronger and could not be suppressed anymore.

After three days of practice in the secret room, Zen left with improved strength. He had now reached the third grade of the nature level.

During these three days, Zen was busy practicing and comprehending. As a result, he felt that with the blink of an eye, these three days had slipped away. Not only had he made a breakthrough in his level, but he had also acquired a certain understanding about the killing aura, or the malicious aura.

After establishing a connection with the Killing Sword Mountain, Zen had researched on the fundamentals of the malicious aura, and he found that the malicious aura was actually a kind of strange energy.

Earlier, Zen felt that the malicious aura was a destructive force. After all, killing and slaughtering other living creatures was a catastrophe for them.

Yet, Zen quickly overturned the idea after he took advantage of the malicious aura that came out of his sword spirit, Lily. He studied the aura and tried to find answers to his questions.

The malicious aura was quite different from a destructive force—it was actually a life force.

When any creature was being slaughtered, it would be very reluctant, angry, and sad. It would curse the beast that killed it so that the beast wouldn't have a peaceful and natural death. Then, the creature would die with deep resentment.

And a malicious aura was formed in such a situation. As a matter of fact, it was a kind of cursing force reserved by a dying creature at the last moment of its life.

Even if a creatu

to miss this great opportunity and watch the competition through the Picture Slab with the function of a live broadcast.

The picture quality on Cloud Sect's Picture Slab was pretty good, but it was not the same experience as watching the match from the arena.

The points collected during the competition were estimated to be over a hundred thousand based on the number of the disciples on the site of the All Peaks Competition. In fact, there were so many disciples that they surrounded the arena in several concentric circles!

Yan wore a purple mask and stood in a corner. Her perfectly shaped eyes were filled with astonishment when she saw how many people had come to witness the match. She had attended the All Peaks Competition before, but she had never seen so many onlookers on site and such a large-scale competition like today. 'Has Cloud Sect developed far beyond my imagination in the past few years? I keep hearing so many of them talking about Zen. Since when did my brother gain such popularity?' Yan wondered.

Even Yan, a rising star, didn't receive so much attention and such popularity the year in which she participated.

Her mind was unable to find rational answers to all these questions. But in a few moments, she didn't want to think more about it. Her long eyelashes flickered as she took a deep breath. Then her eyes narrowed into crescents the moment she saw Zen walking into the arena and waving at her!

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