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   Chapter 475 Return Home For Revenge (Part One)

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As she was imprisoned on Hell Mountain, Yan had been separated from her family members for several years. She was also almost completely isolated from the outside world. Yan did not expect that when she finally saw her brother, Zen, she would hear the news of her beloved father's death.

Yan felt great sorrow, and the urge to avenge her father was strong. Killing desire boiled inside her.

Yet, her killing desire was shown in a very gentle way. Even though her eyes became red and welled up with tears, she still looked elegant and beautiful. In her brother's eyes, she looked like a little wounded female leopard, on the edge of bursting with her grief and anger.

Obviously, he had sensed the life vitality, in the shape of sharp spikes, floating around her. Yan practiced a unique cultivation method. It was so special that the life vitality around her was a reflection of what she was thinking, which meant that she could visualize her thoughts through her life vitality.

She turned her head suddenly, and all spikes were aimed at Elder Xu.

Her abrupt action startled Elder Xu. Of course, with his strength, Elder Xu was naturally not afraid that Yan would hurt him. Instead, he was worried that Yan would not be able to withstand the grief she was feeling. After all, she was still a little girl, even younger than Zen.

"Elder Xu, I want to leave Hell Mountain for a few days," Yan said calmly.

Elder Xu was lost in silence for a while. According to the rules, it would be unwise for him to allow Yan to leave Hell Mountain. Cloud Sect had imprisoned Yan at Hell Mountain in the name of cultivation. If she left and something dramatic happened, it would hurt Cloud Sect's reputation.

"Didn't our sect leader give her that permission before? He said that my sister, Yan, could leave Hell Mountain for a short time," Zen reminded Elder Xu about

so dazzling that it lit up her face and added a layer of soft splendor and beauty.

Although Yan believed in Zen, she still found it hard to accept. How could her brother compete for the first place during the All Peaks Competition only through his strength at the second grade of the nature level?

She wanted to see it with her eyes.

For the next three days, Zen practiced in a secret room and processed everything he had learned from the All Peaks Competition.

The most important thing for a cultivator was talent and foundation.

For example, although some disciples from the top seven noble clans might have high talents, their actual combat effectiveness was not strong. On the one hand, they did not work hard to practice, and more importantly, they took well-refined pills to cultivate and improve their cultivation level. Thus, their foundation was somewhat unstable despite their virtually high level.

It was not impossible to practice by taking well-refined pills, but before taking the pills, one should build a solid foundation.

If his foundation were not stable, it would negatively affect the top level that one might reach, which meant that he might meet the ceiling and could not make a breakthrough.

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